Another bad idea from Democrat Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is what passes for 'innovative' among Democrats, and he's brimming with bad ideas. 

The loopy tech entrepreneur is all in for industrial processes and one-size fits all technology, not applied to tech, but applied to people.

He favors a guaranteed income for all Americans whether they work or not, not exactly a Capt. John Smith, convinced such a concept could be administered by an all-reaching government, both efficiently and without corruption.

Now he has another doozy among his proposals:

Bar codes. Kid you not. Bar codes to prove you've been vaccinated.

According to Fox News:

Businessman and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang encountered some criticism on Friday after he suggested that Americans should have a downloadable bar code that verifies they've received the coronavirus vaccine.

"Is there a way for someone to easily show that they have been vaccinated - like a bar code they can download to their phone?" he asked on Twitter. "There ought to be."

He added that it's "[t]ough to have mass gatherings like concerts or ballgames without either mass adoption of the vaccine or a means of signaling."

Which is an unusually repugnant idea, redolent of stamping USDA Choice onto such grades of meat.

People are always commodities among the Democrats. 

But it also shows bad judgment from the perspective of Yang, who's campaigning to be the next mayor of New York. He got pretty much nothing but negative reactions on Twitter:





In the Fox News piece, pundit Stephen Miller asks whether this is such a bright idea for Yang to say, given his aspirations to run for mayor of New York, a city with the largest concentration of Jews outside Israel. After all, it does have a whiff of Nazi clothing stars and Nazi tattoos.

Miller's right, because we all know where such numberings on people carried around on their person can lead.

Sure, the idea of a bar code for convenience's sake entering public events sounds nice, but once there's a database established, all kinds of applications can be made, not just public event entry, but why not voting? Why not merge and sort for politically correct views, with those not in compliance culled out? How about transferring the bar codes to ration cards, a socialist specialty?

Yang has ambitions of running for mayor of New York which makes this stance doubly stupid. There is a large Jewish population and some of them know where this kind of seemingly innocuous marking move leads.

What's bad here is that Democrat ideas have a long shelf life, with each move toward their fulfillment called 'bending the arc of history,' or making history on their side. They will get to this and pat themelves on the back once they do, oblivous to their own hypocrisy about simple voter ID.

But as for that finds itself on any receiving end of this bad Yang idea, the Nazi allusions remain and it's unsettling.





Image credit: Screen shot from Yang Speaks video, via shareable YouTube