After SCOTUS's knife in the back, what Trump must do now

Today, Donald Trump is the most dangerous man on the planet.  At this moment, America needs him more than he needs America.  Trump could shoot the biggest middle finger ever to the entire nation, retire to a private island, or his penthouse, or his Florida compound, overcook his prime steaks and douse them with ketchup, and really — who could blame him?  It's not as if he'll outlive his money.  He doesn't need us.  He doesn't need anyone.  He has "F-U" money, and unlike others with big money — such as Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein and everyone ever named Kennedy — he doesn't have this sick psychotic need to rule over others for 60 years of government life.  Trump is the freest man on the planet tonight.  He needs nothing. 

We, however, are no longer the freest people on the planet.  We need some help.

Our feckless Supreme Court has chosen guaranteed cocktail party invitations with the beautiful people in the swamp over the Constitutional Republic — and favored phony pieces of mailed ballots and theoretical Dominion algorithms over flesh-and-blood voters.

As it stands, President Donald Trump faces what may be the most distasteful test of patriotism any president has ever faced.  And it may be among the most important ever as well.  To be fair, this is not the horrible choice of instantly killing hundreds of thousands of non-combatant citizens — including kids — the kind of decisions surrounding the bombings of Dresden, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki in World War 2.  Clearly not.  But on a personal gut level, it must be an even more bitter choice.  And again, in this, we need him more than he needs us — or anyone, or anything. 

We will find out whether or not Trump can maintain his love of country and commitment to duty, just hours and days after that country's core institutions have proven to be incredibly corrupt and immovably stacked against him and his voters.  Can he muster enough love of America to overcome what must be a well earned deep well of hate and resentment toward this nations' highest court, its entire media complex, the entertainment industry, and the entire educational establishment?  After four years of unprecedented and unimaginable hate and lies from all quarters, can he possibly still give a damn? 

I'm not sure I could.  And I don't have F-U money to fall back on. 

The question now is, will he muster the energy to do the right thing?  The right thing is to somehow swallow this absurd and evil election result and soldier on to Georgia once again to try to salvage the Republic by supporting two Republican senators hardly worthy of mention.  Donald Trump deserves better.  We all deserve better.  And it is the fact that we all deserve better, and the fact that Trump seems to care about such things, that gives me hope. 

As we know, 50 thousand Trump voters can fill a stadium or a huge field — whereas Biden can't draw a baker's dozen with free ice cream.  However, 400 thousand Biden voters can fit in a small mail truck, or perhaps an even smaller thumb drive.  It is this unsettling knowledge that threatens the upcoming Georgia Senate races, and with it, the future of the Republic.  There's no doubt that Georgia conservatives would defeat the Dems probably 60-40 in a fair fight.  But what are the odds of that? 

The question Georgians must be asking is, why should I go stand in line for hours to vote one time, when Stacy Abrams can find half a million votes hidden in her 3 A.M. cheeseburger combo?  It's a fair question.  My gut tells me that only one man can convince the squeamish to keep on keeping on.  It's the only man who can draw Rolling Stone–sized crowds to a political rally. 

I'm not sure we could have survived four years of Hillary on the heels of eight disastrous years of Obama.  I'm quite sure we cannot survive four months or whatever of Joe Biden, followed by 44 months of Harris-Pelosi-Schumer rule of Obama's third term.  Trump can survive.  His family can survive.  They have the means to live above the fray.  Most of us do not. 

But I think and hope he knows that.  And while the passive-aggressive jerk in me — once removed — almost would take some perverse pleasure in him giving the entire nation the middle finger, the father, grandfather, businessman, and patriot in me hopes he is able to summon his better angels for one more fight in Georgia. 

It's a big, big ask.  It's a lot to much that I can't imagine it.  But Mr. President, we need it.  The extremely average Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue might prevail without you, but it's a much safer road with you.  You don't owe it, but you didn't owe the last four years, either.  So I'm asking. 

Edmund Wright is long time contributor to American Thinker, Breitbart, Newsmax, The Rush Limbaugh Show, and Talk Radio Net and the author of numerous political books. 

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