A rather silly video illustrates YouTube's anti-Trump extremism

Much as I would prefer to avoid YouTube, I can't always do so.  Indeed, I'm often there looking for information.  Whenever I click over, the YouTube algorithm predicts that I will like conservative media, and it sends them my way — only to poison them with Google's and YouTube's toxic hostility to Donald Trump.

Today's moment of ludicrous Google/YouTube madness came when I went to the homepage looking for a specific video about Boris Johnson.  If you visit YouTube regularly, you know that even if you don't sign in, it's tracking your cookies.

In my case, YouTube figured out that I liked Blossom hacks, Paul Joseph Watson, ballet, Ryan Long, Olive and Mabel, AwakenWithJP, and classic SNL skits (which often have quotations I want to use).  Overall, YouTube predicted with great accuracy what would attract my attention and suck me in:

The blank space in the upper-left-hand corner is for a video I couldn't resist clicking on.  Maestro Ziikos creates videos by searching through presidents' speeches and picking out the words they use that can be slotted into song lyrics.  He then creates videos with clips of a president speaking those words and uses autotune to create the melody.

Barack Obama, for example, sang "Rap God" and "Shape of You."  François Hollande sang Some songs too, in French!  They're all very cleverly done.

Five days ago, Maestro Ziikos had a magnificent brainwave and had Trump sing Gloria Gaynor's disco classic, "I Will Survive."  I'll embed it below but, first, I want to share with you the screenshot of the YouTube page for the song:

You will have noticed, I'm sure, that there is not a single word that Maestro Ziikos put on the page that relates to the election.  There's not even the word "president."  Instead, Maestro Ziikos's title simply reads, "Donald Trump Sings I Will Survive."

And yet, in its overwhelming drive to control the narrative and shape America's destiny, Google/YouTube has included the statement that "The Electoral College has confirmed Joe Biden as president-elect," along with the opinion that "States certify results after ensuring ballots are properly counted and correcting irregularities and errors."

My opinion is a bit different: multiple states know that their elections were completely corrupt, but they nevertheless went ahead and certified the fraudulent results because they no longer wish to abide by the constitutional rules or the will of the American people.  It frightens me that these arrogant 20- and 30-somethings at YouTube and Google so relentlessly impose their views on the world.  Is there nothing they will not contaminate?

As for the Trump video, it's cute and funny, so I'll embed it here.  Likewise, you'll note that, in another post from today, I had several embedded YouTube videos because I could not find them anywhere else.  I wish that were not so.  I urge those of you who are uploading videos to put them on Rumble, just as people need to start posting more on alternative social media outlets that are not Twitter or Facebook.

I still rely on the tech tyrants' media outlets for some of the content I need for American Thinker posts, but I'd love to find more of the same content on other outlets.  We've got to stop feeding the same institutions that are destroying our democracy.

Oh, and here's President Donald Trump singing "I Will Survive":

Image: Trump will survive.  YouTube screen grab.