So where's the left with 'Defund the Police'? Nashville police hailed as heroes

In Nashville, site of a horrific vehicle bombing that gutted the city's downtown and destroyed at least 40 businesses, the body count seems to be just one, apparently that of the bomber himself.

And that was by no accident, because the police are the ones who, with 15 minutes to spare, went door to door to get the citizens out.

One resident said that the terror in their faces was all she needed to be persuaded.  Six officers put their lives on the line to save others and are now being honored.

Six Nashville police officers were hailed as heroes on Christmas Day after they rushed to evacuate a downtown area of the city prior to an explosion, a law enforcement official said.

"These officers didn't care about themselves," Metro Police Chief John Drake said, according to Fox 17. "They didn't think about that. They cared about the citizens of Nashville. They went in and we'd be talking not about the debris that we have here but potential people."

"These officers' acts of heroism is just tremendous," Drake said.

This rather makes the left's calls to "defund the police" ring hollow.

Here's what the left was putting out in the run-up to the bombing:

And even after:

Were Black Lives Matter activists rushing to bang on doors in freezing cold at 1:30 A.M. to get Nashville's citizens out?  Don't think so.

Now they've gotten kind of quiet.

The hard reality here, for anyone to see, is that police officers put their lives on the line for others. 

The other people who are quiet are the Democrats, who have yet to condemn once and for all the "defund the police" braying mob.  They claim they are against it or for it, whatever the political winds are saying, but for those police on the ground, willing to put their lives on the line, the facts stay the same.  Where's Joe Biden?  As usual, somewhere in his basement.  Take a look at his very empty, zero-mention-of-police-heroes Twitter feed.  There's a reason he won no police endorsements.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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