A new era of dictator-governors? Enough!

Eyes are opening everywhere about governors going totalitarian in their zeal to stop COVID.

At this late date, stopping COVID has little to do with their own behavior. Michigan’s Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, California’s Gov. Gavin Newsom, and Virginia’s Gov. Ralph Northam, inter alia, just seem to get their kicks by ordering others to do things they themselves disdain in their private lives.

It isn’t just that they command you and me not to have large family gatherings over Thanksgiving and Christmas, they then go to parties completely at odds with their own orders. They demand we mask up between bites, but don’t even wear masks at their own dinners with strangers. They henpeck us to maintain social distancing and don't bother doing it themselves.

These double standards would be infuriating enough. But their repeated resort to shutting down their economies has driven thousands of small businesses to close their doors forever. Not only did business owners lose their investments and years of labor in building up their businesses, the people who worked for them lost their jobs when the businesses closed.

This kind of thing was never what the Founders had in mind. It was very much this kind of imperious arrogance that led early Americans to rebel against the British. But even King George III was never out to bankrupt small businesses and farmers; even he recognized that to deprive people of their livelihood would be to strike at the very foundation of life itself.

I’m not entirely unsympathetic to the idea of shutting down to halt the spread of a disease by government diktat (think: Typhoid Mary). But in the past, it has only been done for a specified (brief) period and only when unambiguously supported by scientific evidence presented by honest researchers instead of Big Pharma with a stake in the action, and their revolving-door public health bureaucrat buddies.

To be clear: The word of a Dr. Anthony Fauci is no evidence in itself of 'science.' Trained long ago in a science-related discipline, Fauci over the years morphed into a creature of the administrative Deep State, a man out for himself at your and my expense. The Newsoms, Whitmers, and Northams merely mouthed faux Fauci gospel to destroy the economy in their states.

For my money they’re all crooks. Since nobody seems to be making any headway toward throwing them in the clink, it’s time for large scale civil disobedience. Let’s wave goodbye to their kind, one finger at a time.