With election fraud, Democrats aren’t even subtle with their machinations

Having spent some time trolling through the internet, what impressed me (and not in a good way) is how open the Democrats are about their election games.  They are supremely confident that there is nothing that can stop them, no matter what they do.  That may help explain how a doddering, corrupt old man may manage to beat one of the most successful presidents in American history.  Here are a handful of examples to prove my point.

Project Veritas reports that, in at least one Michigan post office, postal workers are segregating mail-in ballots that arrived late and stamping them with a November 3 date.  This is open election fraud.

On Halloween, Pennsylvania's secretary of state announced as a fait accompli that Biden was winning in his state:

Remember, it's not the votes that count; it's the person who counts the votes that counts.  Pennsylvania's vote counter was good enough to announce in advance his open plan to cheat.  Although something called "ballot correction" is legal in Georgia, Team Biden is sending people door-to-door to "help" them "correct" their ballots:

Joel Pollak understands what's really going on:

Nevada was one of the states that made the decision to mail ballots to all registered voters, a totally uncontrolled method of sending ballots.  As the completed ballots arrived, Nevada destroyed the envelopes, making it impossible to determine later whether the ballots were legitimate:

Philadelphia suddenly discovered 23,277 missing votes, all of them — purely coincidentally, of course — for Joe Biden:

As I said, they're not bothering to hide the fraud.  Even in San Francisco, at least one Trump ballot would have sneaked into the bunch.  In Detroit, at the absentee ballot counting center, the people counting the ballots put up huge barriers to prevent observers from seeing what was going on:

We all expected the Democrats to cheat.  What's unnerving is how brazen they've been.  They don't care.  They are so certain that the machinery of government — that is, the swamp — will protect them that they're flinging it in our faces.  We've placed our hope in a now honest Supreme Court, but with a dishonest bureaucracy, how far is the Court's power going to go?

Image: Adam Laxalt talks to Tucker Carlson about ballot fraud in Nevada.  YouTube screen grab.