Why is anyone surprised at the Democrats cheating on the vote count?

As I write this, the election of our president remains undecided, but the decision is creeping closer by the hour.  And it's not a pretty sight.

The reaction among us patriotic, conservative, God-fearing Trump-supporters is pretty much a mirror reflection of what we mocked four years ago.  Remember when the left was reduced to screaming and crying because such a person could defeat their precious Hillary?  "Snowflakes," we called them.

Well, it seems snowflakes are falling on our side of the mirror today.  People say they are angry and surprised at the brazen cheating by the left.  It brings to mind Captain Louis Renault's sardonic reaction in Casablanca: "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on here!"

Yours truly has written the following for years: "We get the government we deserve."

If you believe in "government by, of, and for the people," you already understand that.  When our government screws us, the first place to look is that mirror to find the one at fault.

It doesn't stop with the government.  We get the media and the social media and the entertainment culture we deserve, too.  This catastrophe didn't sneak up on us.  Just one example: there were huge red flags on ballot-harvesting two years ago in California, when so many red districts flipped to blue.

Did anyone do anything about that?  Did no one anticipate loosey-goosey rules for voting to enable cheating with a wink and a nod?  No one saw that coming?  Really?

Did anyone do anything to forestall this?

Here's a bulletin: it's easier to prevent cheating and illegality than it is to correct it once the damage is done.  The Supreme Court isn't likely to come to Trump's aid.  Originalist justices, whom we now are blessed with in abundance, will defer to the states when it comes to enforcing laws written by the states.  No ballots are likely to be tossed or added.  It's over, folks.

The point now is, if you don't want more of the same, change what you're doing or what you're not doing.  Otherwise, resign yourself to snowflake mania.

Don't like the way Facebook filters and erases comments it disagrees with?  Then why do you keep using Facebook?  There are alternatives.  Round up your "friends" and go to one of them.

Stop paying attention to TV news — except to write to your legislators to complain about the bias and demand that their government licenses be yanked.

Don't like the laws passed by wannabe Marxists?  Organize and get good candidates to defeat them.

Befuddled that 70 million Americans bought the Biden nonsense?  How many of them have you tried to persuade otherwise?  Or are you perpetually entombed in your social media echo chambers, ranting and whining to others who already agree with you, while allowing no dissenters in the conversation?

We get what we deserve.  Do nothing and become cultural and political roadkill.

Yours truly has been in prayer more than usual lately.  Shame on me, waiting until the precipice looms before seeking God in a panic.  I don't presume to tell anyone how to pray.  But two things have been impressed on me during this period.

One, God is still in control, of course is a comfort — unless He's disciplining us and our nation for our interminable sins.  In other words, for not doing what we are supposed to do or aiding and abetting what we are not supposed to do.  God would be right to discipline us for that.  Anyone recall the Israelites and the seven decades in Babylon?

Two, the more I pray, the more I understand that prayer doesn't change God.  It changes me.  It conforms me to Him, not vice versa.  I came to Him eager and willing to ask God to punish my enemies and make things turn out "right."  The longer I prayed, the more I realized He works through people here on Earth.  People like yours truly.

Instead of asking Him to fix things, I found myself asking Him for wisdom about what I should do.  God gives us all a brain, two hands, and a backbone.  It's just a guess, not a profound theological insight, but I suspect He meant for us to use those.

And wisdom tells us not to wait until two weeks before the next "most crucial election in history."

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