Will Trump win Florida? An update on the numbers

Florida is critically important for President Trump.  Losing it is not the end of his re-election bid, but it will make the chance of winning the race reasonably lower (Trump can still get re-elected if he wins the remaining states he carried in 2016).  In my previous analysis on the Florida race, I wrote that if Trump wins Florida, it will be due to the surge in Latino and black votes.  So far, some indications point in that direction.   First, two days before Election Day, an AtlasIntel poll shows Joe Biden and Donald Trump tied at 49% each.  But what is more interesting is the poll found that 52% of Florida's Latino voters will vote for Trump and just 42% for Biden.  A poll released by Telemundo last week showed Biden leading Trump among Latinos just 48-43%.  Clinton won Florida's Latino votes by 62-35 in 2016. There are about 2.5 million Latino voters in Florida with...(Read Full Post)
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