Will the lies and corruption be rewarded?

Trump is a Russian agent.  Trump is a white supremacist.  He's worse than Hitler.  Trump said the Charlottesville racists were good people.  Trump and his white supremacists are causing the riots.  Trump  is responsible for every coronavirus death.  He told people they should inject bleach into their bloodstream.  He is so corrupt that he tried to force the Ukrainian leader to investigate Joe Biden.  And on and on...

We have witnessed a daily barrage of preposterous lies from the media and from Democrat politicians (redundant, I know) for over three years.  The dirty cops in the Deep State were the source of many of the lies and are still working to undermine the president.  The FBI is still withholding evidence from investigators.  Some of the culprits, like John Brennan, have moved seamlessly from the CIA to CNN, still pushing the same lies. 

It is not just Trump who is being demeaned with lies.  His supporters are all deplorable racists who need to be punished.  Some leftists are proposing tribunals and truth commissions if Biden is elected.  They plan to make it clear that they have a right to rule over us and that our opinions about our government have no meaning at all.  They have proposed court-packing and adding new states to insure that we will have one-party rule from now on.

Somewhere along the line, the left made the decision to abandon its integrity and to seek power by any means necessary.  When leftists make the choice to tell lies, they are telling us two things: 1. They are corrupt, and 2. They believe they can fool a majority of the voters with their lies, which means they think their voters are brainless sheep, easily herded to the polls.  We will soon find out if they are correct in that judgment.

Consider the current attempt to ignore the devastating information on Hunter Biden's laptop.  Could anything be more absurd than saying this laptop story is "Russian disinformation"?  Yet Joe Biden dares to say it is.  More than 50 "former intelligence officials"  (AKA unprincipled coup-plotters), including John Brennan, say it is.  Adam Schiff agrees.  The majority of the media either parrot this lie or hide the facts completely.

Will the endless deceit succeed in winning this election for the liars, or will there be a rebellion by decent people who are sick of the lies?  Will Brennan, Schiff, Strzok, Comey and the con-artists in the media rise triumphant, or will they be repudiated?

I have some hope that the good guys will win.  I take solace in the size of Trump's enthusiastic rallies.  There are large numbers of Democrats in attendance.  The contempt shown for the media at these rallies is encouraging and well deserved.  They earned every bit of it.

There is a point at which the lies have just gone too far.  Think of the Kavanaugh hearings.  Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti claimed that Kavanaugh arranged "rape parties" on weekends.  The story was completely embraced by the media.  They made a celebrity out if this crooked attorney and even said he should run for president — before he ended up behind bars.  The "rape parties" lie was so absurd that it likely ended up helping Kavanaugh.  There was a general revulsion against how this good man was being treated. 

Perhaps there is now a growing revulsion to how Trump and his supporters have been treated.  Maybe more people are sick of the lies than have been fooled.  Maybe the attempt to hide Biden's lucrative corruption will backfire.  Maybe the "mostly peaceful protests" lie is falling on deaf ears as the looting, violence, and destruction rage on.

Soon, we will know if the organized campaign of lies will prevail at the polls.  Our nation hangs in the balance.  We must hope for a grassroots rebellion of honest people.

Image: Pxfuel.

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