What to expect from President Trump and would-be President Biden

Today is your last chance to vote.  Democrats and their fellow travelers have poured millions in this election.  The only way to overcome their heavy-dollar commitment is for each of us to vote and to encourage our friends, family, and associates to vote, too.

Before you vote, ask yourself what we can expect from the two presidential candidates.

Trump is a well known quantity.  After four years, we know we can expect the following:

  • America's and Americans' needs will always come before demands from foreign sources, including "trading partners" and the U.N.
  • A commitment to Middle East peace that continues the four peace treaties between Israel and some of its Muslim neighbors.
  • Fair trade agreements with countries around the world.
  • The expectation that our allies must actively and financially uphold their commitments to mutual defense and other alliances.
  • An individual who knows his mind and isn't beholden to any special interests.
  • Respect for the Bill of Rights, including protecting the Second Amendment by rejecting "gun control laws" that will not reduce crime, but empower criminals.
  • A continued draw-down of America's commitment to and participation in shooting wars, especially in the Middle East.
  • Replacing Obamacare with a more inclusive, less costly, and fairer health care coverage program for uninsured or under-insured people.
  • A leader and his family untouched by financial scandals.
  • School choice and school voucher programs, and the promise to give American children a useful education, devoid of political brainwashing.
  • Re-opening American society — and the American economy — as soon as it is reasonably safe to do so.
  • Opposing extending abortion "rights" and moving toward preventing leftist-championed outrages such as partial-birth abortions (and even post-birth abortions).
  • Rejecting pressure from "green" extremists to permanently cripple the American economy in favor of a $93-trillion "Green New Deal."
  • Solid judicial appointments at every level of the federal courts, from the Supreme Court down.
  • Continued strength in the economy, with a sharp rise in employment despite the COVID-spawned brief slump.
  • Braggadocio in his unscripted statements.
  • Energy independence through appropriate access to America's energy resources, including fracking, ANWR, coal, natural gas, and the pipeline from Canada to Texas.
  • Commonsense pollution control that reduces carbon emissions without limiting America's free access to affordable energy.
  • Lower taxes.
  • A return to law and order in the streets of America's largest cities, including rejecting "governance by mob rule."
  • A border wall and other reasonable actions to stop illegal aliens entering the United States.
  • Brash and sometimes hard-to-take "tweets."
  • A president strongly supported by a man of unquestioned honor and ability: Mike Pence.
  • An open line of communications between the president and the people that is not dependent on the mainstream news media.
  • Active opposition to "fake news" that distorts American news.

Trump stands for more, but this gives you an idea of what to expect from him.  However, what can you expect from a hypothetical "President Biden"?

  • Limited and tightly controlled news media access.  Compare Trump's and Biden's open press conferences in 2020.  Consider too Biden's dependence on the teleprompter for supposedly unscripted media questions.
  • An economically destructive and unproven Green New Deal.  Biden ceded his power to the radical socialists on the Democrat party's far left.  AOC is pushing her ten-year, $93-trillion plan to destroy the American economy.  With Biden's support, she plans to eliminate carbon-based energy sources in favor of unproven — and potentially impossible — "natural" energy sources and to return to the Paris Accords.
  • Strengthening Obamacare, probably in the shape of "Medicare for All."  Plans from avowed socialists Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren will force hospital closures and the early retirement of doctors on a wholesale level and embrace a Third World–quality health care system with rationing, as currently seen in Canada and Britain.
  • A weak puppet beholden to far-left power blocs within the Democrat Party.  Biden lacks personal energy and drive and seems to take orders from behind-the-scenes policy-makers and president-in-Training Kamala Harris, a hard leftist.
  • A president tainted with well supported and documented cases of personal corruption.  This involved foreign countries that are not pro-American, including Ukraine and China.  He also aided his family members' extensive corruption.
  • The swift banning of fracking, obtaining oil from ANWR, and coal, as well as many other draconian steps that will drive gasoline beyond $6 a gallon at the pump (if we can still get gasoline).
  • Goodbye to the Second Amendment.  Biden publicly embraced avowed gun-grabber Beto O'Rourke to head up his administration's gun control policy.  O'Rourke campaigned for a "mandatory buy-back" of semi-automatic weapons, a Democrat Party platform position, and one Biden repeatedly supported during the campaign.
  • Court-packing if Biden gets a Democrat-controlled Senate.  Democrats will probably increase the number of justices to 15, ensuring an unbreakable liberal majority on the court for the foreseeable future.  Nancy Pelosi has said she is interested in packing all federal courts, creating shadows of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, the most consistently liberal and frequently overturned appellate court in America.
  • Further empowering socialistic and anarchistic street gangs that use violence (rioting, looting, murder, arson) to influence social policy, especially in inner cities.

Some elections offer no clear choices.  This one does.  Vote wisely.

Ned Barnett is a political commentator and frequent advocate for conservative positions and values.  He has headed up media and strategy (at the state level) in three presidential campaigns and was an active leader in Nevada Republican circles during the Tea Party era.  The author of 39 books — with one on "winning elections" set to come out in 2022 — Barnett is the CEO of Barnett Marketing Communications in Nevada.

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