Why we must keep school resource officers

While researching the effectiveness of school resource officers (SROs), a student research intern at Virginia Tech, Anna Cheema, erroneously concluded that "there is no research to suggest that SRO's are actually effective in preventing crime and keeping kids safe" in a piece titled "Letter: Remove School Resource Officers" published in the Roanoke Times on November 4, 2020.  By asserting her emotional and ridiculous plea to abolish SROs from schools, Cheema reveals her willful lack of curiosity regarding empirical data on the subject.  Actually, there is myriad evidence of SRO effectiveness clearly documenting a relationship among SRO intervention, disruption, and sometimes outright prevention of shootings at American schools.  How much research did Cheema actually do to come to her conclusion? Cheema acknowledges one instance where the derelict SRO of MSD High School, Scot Peterson, committed...(Read Full Post)
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