What's the remedy?

The election is still not over, and those exercising “President-elect Biden” language delude themselves, and insult the rest of us.  The state of higher education in America today is on display right now by the MSM and the Democrats, who believe that saying it simply makes it so.  
It’s one thing to be wrong, and another entirely to be oblivious to one’s own ignorance.  Democrats treat Americans like idiots, thinking everyone needs their largesse with taxpayer monies, when all Americans really want is for the federal government to protect us from foreign threats, but otherwise leave us alone, and let us go about living our lives uninterrupted.  
Being insulted by the cognitively challenged gets old, especially while watching them collectively behave as 3 year-olds at a birthday party, not surprisingly, sans masks.  They conspired for four years to take down a duly elected president, failed miserably, and embarrassingly, at every turn.  Then their coup-de-grace “Your fired!” grand finale moment on Election Day only showed the sucking vacuum of not only intellect, but of honesty, integrity, and love of country rampant throughout the Democratic Party.  They treat us like idiots, call us ‘deplorables’, and ‘chumps’, yet they can’t even pull off the largest cheating scandal in the history of presidential elections.  Duh!  The shame is not that they failed so miserably, but that they tried.  The 3-year olds actually believed themselves capable and competent while converting a blatant lack of transparency in conducting a free and fair election into the Las Vegas Strip of massive cheating.  It was visible from space.  
Perhaps Rep. Louis Gohmert was really onto something when he proposed banning the Democrat Party back in July.  That was because of all their crimes against humanity before this one, specifically their support and perpetuation of slavery.  That one, they carried into Reconstruction, Jim Crow, and the KKK, just to touch the surface, and then flipped the narrative to call for reparations, of course using American taxpayer monies, for descendants of the very slaves Democrats themselves kept enslaved for decades. 
This crime of massively cheating has no equal.  Yet, oddly, it fits neatly among the other recent Democrat crimes also committed, coincidently, against the same man, Donald Trump.  But not just him.  These are crimes against freedom itself, against democracy, against the Constitution, the founders, the American Dream, and each and every American citizen, past and present.  These are crimes against all the slaves ever to toil on American soil, against their dreams of freedom and fairness in a land of opportunity.  
Where the Democrats built upon slavery for nefarious purposes for years upon years, they surely planned to build upon these crimes.  Spying and conspiring against a sitting President to unseat him is an act of tyranny meant to perpetuate tyranny.  They meant to steal every American’s vote, to negate its very purpose and ideal of selecting national representation in a President, and impose their own false tyrannical policies against the will of the electorate.  Then, they conspired to deny him re-election, again contrary to the will of the American electorate, in a multi-pronged attack against the very engine of democracy itself, the vote.
We have witnessed a prolonged crime spree perpetrated by the Democrat Party against America and Americans.  There must be an accounting for the crimes, from the spying, to the false investigations, to the unjust impeachment, to the election cheating.  All have damaged our nation, our faith and confidence in our institutions of government and those who run them, and mostly, they have damaged our president, Donald Trump. 
What will be the punishment?  What will be the remedy?  How will the Democrat Party be held accountable collectively for these heinous crimes?
I propose a simple solution, one which may be considered extra-constitutional, ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States, without precedence.  It’s a common practice in collegiate sports for violations, and it’s well-known to every American from playing board games as children.  So it's appropriate and understandable to 3-year olds.  It’s a bowl-game ban, or post-season ban in collegiate sports.  In essence, lose a turn.  The Democrats should not be allowed to run a candidate for president in at least one election cycle.  That should also include the same election’s Senate races, meaning any Democrat whose term ends and who would normally seek re-election, simply leaves office and a Republican challenger runs unopposed for that seat, or against a challenger who has never been affiliated with the Democrat Party.
The Democrats meant great harm to our nation, and hoped that harm to last to no end.  Whatever their punishment, it must be consequential.  And four more years of Donald Trump is not enough.
Donald N. Finley is a retired US Air Force Colonel.
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