What to make of the steal

To be able to support your family and to lead a life of integrity, respected in your community, are goals that most people have.

You rise every morning and toil through the day to earn a living.  You are law-abiding, such that you instantly pay fines for even the most innocuous of infractions.

You are moral, diligent, and patriotic.  You are the foundation of your nation, for which you deserve to be cherished.  You are the silent majority.

But Washington "elites" sit in their ivory towers and call you primitive, religiously zealous, bigoted, ignorant, irrational, and deplorable.  You are violently attacked for making a display of your political preference.  The places where you live are called flyover country.

Your income and that of your children is directly proportional to your work experience, educational qualifications, and efforts.  If you commit a crime, the punishment is proportional and unavoidable.

No such standards apply to Washington "elites."  Their unqualified and inexperienced children are set up with highly paid jobs.  They often operate with impunity despite crimes such as high treason.  They circumvent the law by finding innovative methods to disguise the bribes they receive for selling their country.

There are clearly different standards for Washington and for you.

In 2016, by electing Donald Trump, you sent an emphatic message to Washington that their ways had to change.

How did Washington react?

The spied on the Trump campaign.  They organized "protest marches" against Trump.  They threatened that electoral delegates would not to vote in favor of Trump.  They installed saboteurs and leakers in the White House.  They concocted the Russian collusion hoax to overturn the elections.  They impeached Trump over a non-issue.  For four years, the news media, rogue agents in the intelligence community, and political actors participated in a coup with their relentless campaign to destroy Trump and all who stood with him, including you, the voter.

All this was done under the pretext of preserving democracy.

Did you honestly think they were going to let Trump win fairly in 2020 without major impediments?

On Election Day, Trump had emphatic victories in several states.  He was on track to triumph in swing states such as Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada.  Then, strangely, the count was halted because "it was getting too late."

Then the elves who made shoes for the impoverished shoemaker in the Grimm's Fairy Tales at night, or some creatures like them, magically reappeared, this time to mass-produce votes for Biden.  Thus, at 4 A.M., 65,000 votes were discovered in Wisconsin while 138,499 votes were found Michigan.  All of these votes were for Biden.  To call it statistical improbability is an understatement.

In Arizona, poll-workers in pro-Trump precincts asked voters to use Sharpie pens to mark their votes, thus invalidating from them from being counted.  In some states, the software used to tabulate the votes flipped votes, in one case at least 6,000 Trump votes, to Biden.  Forty-seven counties used the software.  Clearly, this wasn't a bug, but a feature.

The dead managed to cast their votes for Biden.  There also are accounts of people turning up at polling stations to be told their vote had been cast.  There were accounts of discarded votes for Trump being discovered in dustbins.  There were counties where cast ballot exceeded numbers of registered voters.  All of the signs of fraud, such as described here of sub-Saharan Africa, were in the U.S.

Despite these obvious disputes, the media declared Biden the victor, while social media platforms suppressed any accounts that referred to voter fraud, including that of President Trump.  Global leaders salivating at the prospect of a weak Biden followed with the effusive congratulatory messages.

Those who tried to undermine your verdict in 2016 are promising to heal your wounds if you accept defeat and go gently into the night.  The radicals among them are calling for an archive of online postings by "Trump sycophants" in order to ensure that retribution can be exacted later.

It would appear that after 2016, this is a more blatant and organized effort by the Democrat-Media–Big Tech complex to undermine your vote.

There is a clear parallel between members of the silent majority and President Donald Trump.

The system was rigged in favor of a Washington-based lazy, corrupt, nepotistic, sleazy, undeserving, and underachieving Biden and against Trump, who delivered outstandingly during his tenure, who rejects a salary; who sacrifices personally, financially, and socially; and who toiled on the campaign trail with Herculean energy.

Most importantly, elections are the only way regular folks can communicate with Washington.  This rigging has caused your vote, which is the foundation of democracy, to be rendered meaningless.

The situation is critical and you can no longer wait for the next election and hope for miracles to occur.  If you give up out of exhaustion, boredom, or despondency, the saboteurs win.

The vote fraud tactics used in swing states this time around will be used all over in future elections.  Soon the country will be like Venezuela under Nicolás Maduro and Hugo Chávez, or Iraq under Saddam Hussein, where elections were a sham and the selected, not the elected, candidate in many cases received over 90% of the votes

It is time to unite, organize, and stand up for your country and to make a display of it such that it reaches Washington and the steal is stopped.  The future of your country is in your hands. 

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