What the battle is all about

We have government officials publicly proclaiming that they lied to the president.  They lied to the American people and kept American soldiers in a war zone in violation of direct orders.  They make this proclamation knowing they will never be prosecuted.

And they are probably correct; they will never be prosecuted.  The "resistance" openly proclaim their crimes knowing there will be no charges and the media will portray their warmongering as heroic.  This is not merely frustrating; it tells us where we are as a society.

President Trump has a lot of support among the working class, but those in positions of authority, both government and corporate, are overwhelmingly against him.  Members of the swamp are not overconfident if they really are in control.

Jeff Sessions didn't control the Justice Department, and he knew it.  Sessions would communicate in whispers.  Trump-supporters blame Sessions for recusing himself and for not investigating and prosecuting the corruption in Washington, and maybe he could have done more as attorney general.  It may be that his power was greatly limited as he faced a united "resistance" from within the Justice Department.

William Barr had been attorney general years ago, back when there was still some integrity in Washington.  Barr thought he was in charge of the Justice Department, and it looked as though we were finally going to see some justice.  Maybe some of the corrupt Washington authorities were finally going to be prosecuted by this new attorney general.  It didn't happen, and it should be clear by now that it is not going to happen.

Now people are saying Barr is as much of a phony as Sessions was.  This may be true, but it is also possible that Barr found out he doesn't run the Justice Department any more than Sessions did.

Former president Obama remained in Washington for a while after leaving office.  It seems as though he has mostly been relaxing on the sideline for the past four years, but he has been an inspiration to the many bureaucrats who make up the "resistance," if not more than an inspiration.  This is not to say President Obama has been running a "shadow" government, but there has been a wall of resistance to President Trump by government officials loyal to the former president.  This is true whether President Obama has been communicating with them or not.

To some degree, Donald Trump was never really president.

Semi-President Trump does occupy the Oval Office, and he signs legislation and negotiates with foreign leaders.  None of the swamp was drained because the swamp continued to control the levers of power.  If the swamp were going to be drained, it would have to be done by the Justice Department, but the Justice Department has more swamp than Louisiana.

The Democrats have taken their masks off in recent times because they know they can.  They control the election and the media.  They can openly proclaim their crimes, knowing they will never be prosecuted.

This is not to say that the battle is lost.  It has only started, but we must be honest about this struggle in which we find ourselves if we are to have any chance of winning.  A good chess-player will plan several moves in advance, and people smarter and with more resources than me need to be looking ahead in this conflict with a clear grasp of reality.

As we go into this conflict, it is most important that we understood that, at its core, this is all about God.

This is a struggle between those who support God and those who are against God.  Certainly, there are people on the left who believe in God, and there are conservatives who don't, but leftists tend to reject God because they tend to see God as responsible for suffering in the world, while conservatives, even conservatives who don't believe in God, will recognize that humans are to blame.  The question is not do we believe in God, but do we blame God.

Socialists and globalists believe they can do better than God, that they can build a godlike government to provide Heaven on Earth.  Leftists are too arrogant to blame themselves.  Conservatives support trying to build a better society, but they recognize that humans are flawed.  If power is centralized, it will always lead to brutality.

In the Book of Samuel, the people wanted a king, just as many people today want a government to take care of them.  God told Samuel, "They have not rejected you; they have rejected me."  Those who attack Christianity are not really against the Church as much as they are against God.  They blame God instead of blaming themselves as they try to build a Tower of Babel, a man-made paradise in the world.

Whatever we do in this coming struggle, we must cling to God and know that there is none good but God.  That is what this struggle is all about.  And we know who wins.

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