Two telling anecdotes about the election

The following are a couple of personal observations that seem applicable to broader trends in the country. The first one involves my two grown daughters, and the second addresses peculiar election outcomes in Massachusetts.

Both my daughters have been stalwart liberals for as long as I can remember. However, this year, with all of the coronavirus madness, my older daughter has completely come around. She was such a hardcore liberal that I never thought I would see the day. For the last few weeks, she actually was waiting anxiously to vote for Donald Trump!

My oldest is livid at all of the restrictions on her freedom, especially the masks she must wear every minute of every shift in her healthcare job. It has all taken a heavy toll on her mental health as well. So, I can personally vouch for some of the collateral damage.

Then there’s my other daughter, who lives in New York City. She is having a very hard time reconciling her hatred for Trump supporters these days – and I presume Trump hatred is a prerequisite for actually voting for Biden -- as she knows that her mother is all Trump all the time.

We have a very good relationship, very loving, even though we disagree on many things, but now she can’t quite handle her trumped-up feelings knowing that her very decent, loving mother is one of those people! (On a side note, I love how I keep seeing the use of the words “trump” or “trumped-up” these days all over the place. It makes me smile every time.)

The second observation has to do with two very blue states, one of which, unfortunately, I live in. I am talking about Massachusetts and California. Of course, both went for Biden, but what really surprised me was by how much.

As a resident of Massachusetts, I am long used to feeling like my vote is meaningless. It’s just a fact of life.

However, this year there was immense enthusiasm even here in my state. There were impromptu rallies at rotaries, car parades, Facebook groups, and flags everywhere. There was even a Trump store or two up near Boston.

I’d never quite seen anything like it. I’d also been noticing much the same thing in California, the bluest of blue states. On their Facebook pages, Trump supporters in both states kept talking about turning their states around. While I didn’t actually believe that these two blue states would have a red wave, I was nonetheless surprised to see that the actual percentage was so low for Trump (around 32% in each state).

Given the unusual enthusiasm, 40% would have been much more believable. Still, now I am actually thinking that maybe these rotten politicians are even cheating in states they once assumed would stay Democrat no matter what!

And I’m not just talking about the expected nudge and courting of minorities, a bit of harvesting, and the big union push. Maybe there was the whole Hammer and Scorecard business! (I am assuming here that American Thinker readers know a little something about Hammer and Scorecard.)

In other words, big-time cheating. Suffice it to say, if that happened in California and Massachusetts and means major cheating is going on everywhere else.

I now feel even more cheated by my liberal overlords.

I am in this for the long haul.

Go, Trump!  

Image: John Singer Sergeant’s Portrait of Adele Meyer with her children. Public Domain. Edited in Pixlr by Andrea Widburg.

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