We are all Davids against the left's Goliaths

It is a condemnation of America that this great nation produced even one person who gave Biden/Harris a single vote.  Both Democrats ought to be banned from holding office on ethical grounds alone!

It goes to show that the corruption within the administrative and political swamp, ramped up by Obama; the billions of dollars siphoned to the Democrats by China; the Democrat election fraud machine, which Biden admitted to in a Freudian slip; the dictatorial behavior of the global monopolies like Facebook and Google (which should be cut to ribbons); the media's swindling of the American people, too sheeplike to investigate independently; the COVID hoax, which has panicked the craven and cowardly; plus the last forty years of left-wing propaganda in place of education — all have reached a tipping point, where the Republic could be lost, even with a Republican victory!

This mortal infection of the West's political culture, which has severely plagued the world since the 1960s, will not be eradicated outside a decade.  We will have to begin from the bottom up, as well as the top down.  The foundation, which took two thousand years to build, has rotted and debauched itself over the last century.

We are no farther ahead today than at the end of World War Two.  Perhaps we're in worse condition.  After all, there are still brutally repressive regimes, the death toll from abortions outstrips the Holocaust, churches are mired in moral scandal, and wokeness and the malevolent elites' opportunity for global control are far greater today than in 1945.

However, Donald Trump has lit a fire, and that fire will spread and purge society's corruption and moral degradation whether he prevails or not.  Judaism and Christianity can recall the Ten Commandments from Mount Sinai.  Philosophers can resurrect Plato and Aristotle.  Humanists can re-examine Cicero and Erasmus.  The Founding Fathers can take their rightful place at the center of the education curriculum.  Natural law can once again form the basis of legislation.  And individual freedom can trump the left's enforced equality of outcome, which leads to the degradation of all for the profit of a narcissistic global elite.  There's a lot of work to be done!

For too long, the left has appropriated the language of Christian charity (e.g., "All are welcome here," "Love your neighbor") to create woke terms that have as their subtext "if you're a middle-class or working-class white person (not employed by the state), this does not apply."  We need to be reminded that Christ had a temper.  He threw the money-lenders out of the temple.  He was no mealy-mouthed, "New Age" soy boy.

A few days ago, I took part in a small Trump rally on a bridge across a major freeway in Minneapolis (the city of loons).  It was great fun.  There were Trump signs and American flags and lots of enthusiastic young people.  Many cars tooted their horns in support.

But there was one black guy, slumped over his wheel, who gave us the thumbs down.  I could not restrain myself from donating to him a large piece of my mind, to the evident astonishment of the people around me.  Wasn't I afraid of being accused of racism?  No!  I am not afraid because I am not a racist.  Stand your intellectual and moral ground.  Never be intimidated.

We need all hands on deck for a moral revolution.  Until we stop creating Bidens and Comeys and Clintons or allowing people (like the vile Squad) from undemocratic cultures to wield political power, nothing will change.  A society's purpose is not to control us from the cradle to the grave, but to educate human beings of good character and protect their freedom to determine their lives.

This is the Greek concept of paideia, where the individual's goal is to possess intellectual, moral, and physical refinement.  Therefore, the entire education — K–12, college, and post-graduate — curriculum need to be re-written, especially the humanities.

A Republican victory will allow us to move more quickly.  Retribution must be swift and devastating, as we face a Goliath of global proportions.

However, the battle can still be — indeed, must be — fought even if the Democrats triumph.  For that reason, I suggest that a moral revolution is indispensable.  Only if we are armed with total confidence in the truth, only if we feel humility and adoration in front of the divine, will we have the strength to defeat this pestilence of lies, corruption, and debasement the left has imposed upon the world.

This is our call to action.  Let's take a long-term view.  We may have to work in darkness for some time, but the dawn of a better society is in our hands.

Image: The "David and Goliath" theme applied to the battle between Horace Greely and Ulysses S. Grant.  Public domain in the Library of Congress.

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