Pelosi calls Amy Coney Barret an 'illegitimate' justice of the Supreme Court

The Democrats are taking a wrecking ball to the Supreme Court as an institution now that they have lost effective liberal dominance of it.  For almost 70 years, since Brown v. Board of Education, the Supreme Court has acted as a super-legislature, inventing rights not found in the text of the Constitution and imposing policy preferences of the elite classes, such as abortion and same-sex "marriage," that the Legislative Branch would not enact as law.

Yesterday, the speaker sought to delegitimize any single-vote margin decision in which Justice Amy Coney Barrett casts a vote with the majority, calling her "illegitimate" (21-second video).

The Democrats clearly have made a decision to delegitimize Justice Barrett and the Court.  In October, Senate minority leader Charles Schumer used the i-word, illegitimate, to describe the confirmation process (56-second video):

There is no question that the Democrats are doing damage to our constitutional order purely for political benefit.  There is simply no basis for declaring either the confirmation or the justice herself illegitimate.  There is no constitutional requirement that was violated.  But now strife and discord will lie ahead as Dems no longer refer to SCOTUS decisions as "the law of the land," as they always did when those decisions imposed liberal policies.

Vlad Putin could not be happier.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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