Tucker Carlson on Biden’s coming corporatocracy

A corporatocracy is a government that represents a fusion of the state and corporations. Once upon a time, the left feared the notion. However, now that the left controls corporate America, it is embracing that fusion. Biden’s presidency will represent the apex of the left’s desire to create the perfect government-corporate partnership.

Tucker Carlson’s opening monologue describes the way in which the Biden government is inextricably intertwined with woke corporations (all of which are staffed entirely with graduates of American’s hard left colleges and universities):

Tucker paints a terrifying vision of what lies ahead if Trump’s legal teams cannot prove that the Democrats used technological means to force a completely fraudulent election result in Biden’s favor.

I’ve long had a name for this partnership between government and corporations: It’s called fascism.

Now is as good a time as any for a quick lesson about fascism. To start, here is what fascism is not: It is not American conservativism. That’s a misnomer the communists started after WWII when they declared that Hitler’s defeated fascism – which is a subset of leftist socialism – was “right wing.” Communists applied that misnomer solely to smear American Republicans.

There are only two types of government: Big government and small government. Everything exists on a continuum that runs from totalitarianism (big government) to anarchy (government so small it doesn’t exist). Anarchy usually turns into totalitarianism because it’s unsustainable, and a “strong man” will end it.

Totalitarianism goes by lots of different names: Socialism, communism, fascism, theocracy, oligarchy, military junta, absolute monarchy, etc. No matter the name, the point is the same: Government controls every aspect of people’s lives.

If you move far away from totalitarianism, but still keep a healthy distance from anarchy, you end up with American constitutionalism. This envisions a small federal government with limited responsibilities (foreign policy, trade, national security, etc.) and a multiplicity of smaller governments (states, counties, cities, etc.) that are immediately responsive to the people under their control. People in this system have inalienable rights with which government cannot interfere, and government exists to serve the people, not control them.

In modern American politics, Trump supporters hew to American constitutionalism. The Republican party, sadly, does not. It too craves power and control, which is why it’s only weakly supporting Trump’s fight against the corrupt election.

Meanwhile, where are the Democrats on this government continuum? The Democrats want total government control, without the inconvenience of the Bill of Rights, which puts them squarely in the totalitarian category.

The next question, then, is what type of totalitarians they are. Given their fealty to the Church of Climate Change (complete with their first saint, Greta Thunberg), it would be amusing to say that Democrats want a theocracy, but that’s not quite accurate.

As Tucker pointed out, Democrats envision control coming from a government partnership with corporations, with each working to benefit the other. The government funnels money (which it seizes from taxpayers) and power to corporations. Corporations, in turn, use cancel culture to benefit the government, ensuring that it maintains unlimited and permanent control. The closest political cognate is fascism.

Fascism is soft communism, because it does not nationalize all private property, instead limiting itself to nationalizing a few major industries, especially fuel and transportation. However, there is no freedom in a fascist country. Mussolini provided the ultimate definition of fascism: “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state.” As corporations and politicians gain wealth and power, the people suffer.

You’ll notice I’m careful not to say that this American fascism is Hitlerian, although the Democrats are continually moving closer to institutionalized anti-Semitism. Hitlerian wars for world domination are not a fascist prerequisite. (Fascists, though, do like some sort of war because wars mean power and profit – and you’ve surely noticed the monoparty resistance to ending the very profitable war in Afghanistan.)

All that matters to fascists is government control over the people, which they achieve with help from corporations. Donald Trump is fighting this. He believes in individual liberty, both from the government and from the most powerful corporate entities in the history of the world. No wonder, then, that the Deep State, the corporate media, the tech corporations, and corporate Republicans have joined together to defeat him.

Trump’s still fighting, though, and we can help him by contributing in any way we can. Everyone must contribute in his own way. Some fight with words, some with their presence, and some with their money. Do what you can, or America will finally experience under the Democrats the fascism they’ve spent 75 years accusing Republicans of desiring.

Image: The White House by David Maiolo. CC BY-SA 3.0. Edits by Andrea Widburg in Pixlr.

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