Trump's re-election fight separates the wheat from the chaff

Here we are again, in the winter of our country, huddled in the tiny huts that are our lives, awaiting the thaw of the coming year.

The summer soldiers of the right have abandoned us — the supporters of Donald Trump — for the enticing drawing rooms of the left, while those of us remaining to defend the president shiver in the frosty admonitions of the lying media and their cowardly partners in academia, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley.  Even our vaunted Justice Department, helmed by a once seemingly invincible ally William Barr, has purportedly slinked spinelessly over to the Deep State.

Yet hope remains.  Georgia, Nevada, and Pennsylvania are reeling from the onslaught of facts demonstrating material voter fraud.  Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, and even Virginia appear to have cooked their ballots.  Our president, his associates, and their compatriots fight on relentlessly, as do we rallying at their side.

So let the summer soldiers and the sunshine patriots who once called themselves conservatives slink away in perfidy.  The celebratory champagne they foolishly quaff is but the Kool-Aid of communism, and they will be among the first to perish from its dark attentions.  

Nor will we forget.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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