Trump-backers hurt wilting California journalist's feelings

I subscribe to the L.A. Times.  The paper misinforms, and its politics stinks, but I like the sports section for keeping up with the Dodgers, mostly, ever since I was a kid.  Baseball never stops, except for the occasional strike, I thought.  Then COVID-19 hit, and everything changed.

Last Sunday, I came across the California section and "Trump backers respond in usual fashion" by Steve Lopez on page B1.  I was heading for the sports section to read about the USC football team snatching victory from the jaws of defeat for the second week in a row.  Fight on!

Steve was his usual unkind-to-Trump self, in writing a worthless opinion piece titled "Good riddance, President Trump" (Nov. 7).  A few brutish Trump-backers responded unkindly, hurling insults at him.  I thought that's not nice, but you reap what you sow.

So Steve responded with "Trump backers respond in usual fashion" (Nov. 15), putting their responses in his piece (to make several points) like a wise guy.  One backer insulted Steve and spelled the word "piece" p-e-a-c-e (Trump-backers can't spell).  Another used bad grammar (Trump-backers are bad at grammar).  Yet another expressed himself using "hateful, bigoted language" (Trump-backers learned hate and bigotry from Trump).

The insults (ignoble thoughts) troubled Steve; turning sarcastic, he called them "soaring thoughts," mocking all 73 million Trump-backers.  He brought these troubles on himself.  I told him to suck it up and go back to journalism school. 

I told him that I sympathize with his troubles, but I have problems of my own stemming from the "Jim Jones–like cult of true believers," his own words for Trump-backers.  I believe in Trump, truly, but I'm not drinking the Kool-Aid for him.  Scribblers at the Times are drinking the Kool-Aid for Biden and the swamp.  They drank it for Hillary and the swamp in 2016.

Many of us Trump-backers seek to decipher what's going on with our leaders, counting on the press to give us readers the news out of Washington, the plain facts, the unvarnished truth.  "Plain and unvarnished are the words of truth."  A paper's proper role is holding our leaders accountable by conducting investigations and providing information.  We appreciate journalists who question Trump's activities without accusing him of being a racist or a criminal.  And we appreciate journalists who question Biden's activities without absolving him of selling foreign policy to China and Ukraine, "like a sack of potatoes."  A journalist who investigates and informs is worth his salt.  A journalist who accuses or absolves is incompetent.  A journalist who advocates for progressives all the time isn't a journalist.  He is a shill for the left.  A journalist who puts his two cents in all the time isn't a journalist.

I personally guarantee that even if Biden is certified, there'll be no talk of impeachment on Inauguration Day, and a Republican House won't stoop to impeachment in 2022, if Biden is still president.  I say Harris and the Cabinet invoke the 25th Amendment next year.

I don't care what anyone at the Times says about Trump.  He is not a corrupt politician.  However, after typing in "Is Biden corrupt?" — child's play — and searching the web and doing my best to separate fact from opinion, I've concluded that Biden is.

Upon leaving office in 1953, poor as a church mouse, Harry Truman said it best: "Show me a man that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook."

A millionaire nine times over after 47 years in politics, Joe Biden, fearless leader of the free world as of January 20, is a crook, and Kamala Harris is waiting in the wings.  The United States of Sacramento, sacré bleu!

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