Trump: The perennial fighting underdog!

According to the polls, Donald Trump was an election underdog in 2016, and according to present day polls President Trump is again an election underdog in 2020.

In 2016 Trump had a powerful message where he advocated a secure border, lowering taxes, blamed the China trade imbalance for lost manufacturing jobs, and campaigned without using much establishment or corporate money. With some deficit spending, a reduction in corporate taxes, and reduction in punitive government laws, Trump succeeded in creating an economy with very low unemployment.

Fast forward to today and COVID-19 has taken away the assurance that Trump will get another four years. COVID-19 almost tanked the economy with lockdowns. Many people in the entertainment, tourist, and restaurant industries are hurting and recovery is slow. Many small businesses will either go bankrupt or will struggle to remain open on into the foreseeable future. Some customers are still afraid to venture into dense social business settings out of fear of contracting COVID-19.

This is truly an unprecedented election year. Mail-in ballots may overwhelm some states and election results may not be in on time causing delays and accusations of voter fraud in some places. For four years, Trump’s personality and role as president has been assaulted and he has fought back successfully. Trump has not received a favorable press from the establishment media.

Trump has struggled to come up with impactful campaign themes. With Mexico helping out, the border issue is no longer a hot topic. The emphasis on law and order may not resonate with many voters because the most affected rioting cities are Democratic ones. The rest of the country remains largely unaffected. Trying to instill fear of the rise of socialism and even communism in the Democrat agenda may fail because frankly the younger generation really doesn’t know what socialism or communism is, so they don’t fear it.

On the plus side, Trump has outstanding name recognition and is doing his rallies again with admiring followers and getting their enthusiasm going. Judging by the enthusiasm gap between Joe Biden’s low key basement approach and Trump’s energetic open deliveries, it seems that Trump wins handily in the enthusiasm category. It is debatable if depressed Bernie supporters will even bother to vote in this election.

Internationally, after some decisive moves against ISIS, Trump has cut back on military involvement in the Middle East and his strong support of Israel has borne political fruit in the form of peace, with unprecedented ambassador exchanges between Israel, the UAE, Bahrain, and more.

Another big plus for Trump is that three more conservative constitutional judges were appointed to the Supreme Court which could disappear with court-packing if Biden and a Democratic Congress is elected. According to one September poll about 56 percent of the people think that they are better off economically than four years ago, so Trump still seems to be getting good marks on handling of the economy.

It’s the economy, stupid. Ultimately the one undecided factor in this election is whether the hard times suffered by many will be blamed on the China virus or whether they will blame Trump. If Trump is blamed, some voters may show their dissatisfaction at the polls.

The Democrats are dysfunctional but power-hungry so if they win Congress and the presidency in November, they may be in power for the next 20 years or so. Judging by the demographics and possible statehood for Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., the Democrat power structure could last a long time if they win in 2020. 

2016 was a kick in the corrupt establishment gut but 2020 is even more vital to keeping the globalist dominance at bay for at least another four years. Trump has had a fighting tumultuous four years. He deserves another four years to continue to slightly reverse the trend into an abyss of corrupt establishment power and rule. It has now become obvious that celebrities, academia, and the media are largely in Democrat hands.

If the Democrats win then politics will once again be boring and mundane and not worthy of much attention from a vast majority of struggling Americans. Historically many have truthfully felt that their vote usually has made no great difference in political outcomes. Historical voting hasn’t reformed the entrenched ruling establishment which has supported both Republicans and Democrats. This year your vote will definitely make a big difference in the future of America for at least another four years, and well more if Trump's legacy can hold.

For thinking citizens, Trump seems to be the only antidote against a totalitarian ideology and ruthless establishment which goes after divergent views with a vengeance. Living in a world of leftist propaganda and social engineering is something I am not looking forward to if Biden wins. Vote for Trump like your life depends on it so the underdog wins again!

Image credit: The White House, official // public domain

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