The greatest stunt of the 2020 election has now produced the most inspiring ad of the campaign

Remember when a “Trump” sign, stylistically resembling the famous hillside “Hollywood” sign, suddenly appeared one morning along a busy Los Angeles freeway? Caltrans quickly forced its removal from the private land on which it sat, as a purported “distraction,” but the mere fact of its mysterious materialization was so remarkable and iconic that it immediately joined the pantheon of the greatest campaign stunts in American history.  It has also inspired  at least one imitator.

Now, Kira Davis, one of the rare put and proud Hollywood conservatives, has tweeted a stunning two minute Trump commercial featuring the inside story of operation that erected the sign and making the point that President Trump inspires us to never accept “impossible” as a limit on what we attempt. Even winning  California back.

You will not regret the 124 seconds that you invest watching this Twitter video:



Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

Hat tip: Ace

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