Trump gives a lazy, shiftless press what it deserves

On first glance, it appeared that President Trump lost it with a reporter, pulling rank and telling him to show respect for the office of the president.  Here's the NewsNow from Fox video on YouTube:

If so, it wouldn't be surprising.  Hadn't Trump just conducted a bone-tiring campaign?  Hadn't he been all but forced to concede by even his allies, even releasing millions for Joe Biden's transition?  Just the idea of losing is zero fun, especially if cheating went on making Joe Biden the one who won.

According to Trending Politics, the reporter demanded to know if Trump would leave office if he lost the election:

The whole election was a fraud," President Trump fired back. "They have Biden beating Obama in areas that matter in terms of the election in swing states.  And yet he's losing to Obama all over the place. And yet he's beating Obama in places that mattered in terms of the election. Look, between you people… Look, don't talk to me that way…  You're just a lightweight. Don't talk to me that way. I'm the President of the United States. Don't ever talk to the President that way. OK I'm going to go with another question… Massive fraud has been found. We're like a third world country. We're using computers that can be hacked. How many glitches did they find. Oh, a glitch. Oh, gee we had a glitch. 5,000 votes. In all cases the votes switched to Joe Biden.

This is Trump in his typical frankness.  Deadline Hollywood, always focusing on the important stuff, took that as the president pulling rank and, kid you not, demoted him to former reality star in its coverage:

President Donald Trump, despite multiple weeks of challenging the results of the 2020 Election, gave some clarity to his willingness to concede to Joe Biden.

On Thursday, the former reality television stars(sic) spoke extensively to reporters about supposed fraud during the presidential election and what it may be like for him to concede to the President-elect, who Trump had previously called "the worst presidential candidate in the history of U.S. politics."

"It's going to be a very hard thing to concede," Trump said to White House Correspondents on Thursday.

While multiple states have rejected the President and his legal team's lawsuits about voter fraud, Trump continues to hold onto the baseless claims. Though Biden may have won the popular vote, the Electoral college has yet to make a decision on who will be the next commander in chief.

In this case, though, it's the substance of what Trump said that deserves to get out.

Obviously, Trump has had it up to here with the press's refusal to cover any allegations of election fraud, from submitted votes totaling more than the number of registered voters in some leftist precincts to repressed GOP observers, done by leftists, to big midnight dumps of ballots that changed the direction of the tallies.  All of these things cry out for reporting, yet the press keeps calling all allegations of voter fraud, all the evidence presented, "baseless" and "without evidence."  All of this comes as evidence rolls in showing that significant fraud likely took place.

The press is notably like Joe Biden, in that instead of answering a question with a phony answer, they simply refuse to answer what readers are asking at all, as real reporters in the past used to do.

Every last matter that Trump brought up is being ignored by mainstream media, not "narratived" out with some phony explanation but simply repeated as "baseless."

No wonder Trump was frustrated and annoyed.

The press isn't interested in reporting.  All these people want to do is play Joe Biden, gaslighting and ignoring substantial questions, acting as Democratic operatives with bylines.  Unfortunately, it's not likely to change now that the press thinks President Trump is on the way out.  But at least he can tell them what he thinks of them.  And for sure, it's drawing attention.  The incident drew 8 million views, according to Newsweek.

Image credit: NewsNow from Fox, via shareable YouTube video, screen shot.

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