This may be one of the saddest videos you'll ever see

One of the travesties of modern American politics is the fealty the blacks have to the Democrat party.  Even as more blacks have shifted to supporting Trump, the reality is that Democrats, on average, can rely on receiving more than 80% of black votes.  Blacks do so even though when it comes to destroying blacks, the Democrats are doing as good a job now as they did during all the years of slavery and Jim Crow.  The latest evidence is a painfully sad video about majority-black schools in Milwaukee that have abandoned educating students in favor of teaching them racial activism.

Before Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" and the welfare state came into being, blacks were making rapid economic strides if the government did not hold them back:

Data provided by every census between 1890 and 1954 shows that black Americans were just as active – and sometimes more – in the labor market than their white counterparts. In 1900, for example, black unemployment was 15 percent lower than white unemployment.


The years between 1900 and 1930 are known as "the Golden Age of Black Entrepreneurship." By 1920, there were tens of thousands of black businesses in the United States, the overwhelming majority of them very small, single proprietorship.


Another aspect of why black entrepreneurship was so important in the black community was that national businesses tended to ignore the black market entirely. This, however, began to change in the 1950s and, to a much greater extent, by the dawn of the next decade. No one forced national businesses to begin marketing their products to black America. National businesses simply saw that there was an emerging black middle class with money to spend and didn't want to get cut out of the market.

Black economic success ground to a halt with the welfare society.  Immediately above, I quoted language about black unemployment being 15 percent lower than white unemployment in 1900.  The next sentence states, "In 2017, it was 30 percent higher."

When it came to black-owned businesses, the Great Society killed those, too.  Even before 2020's riots decimated black businesses in big Democrat cities, there were problems:

Today, black business ownership is in a state of "collapse" according to This cannot entirely be laid at the foot of the Great Society. For example, the unlikely culprit of integration is one of the reasons that the black business districts began to fall apart. For example, once the biggest burger joint in town would serve black people, there was no reason to go to "the black burger joint" anymore.

Still, it's impossible to separate the end of the thriving black business districts from the Great Society. These were once centers of the community, in addition to being centers of commerce. Now they are virtually extinct.

The worst crime that the Democrats and their Great Society committed against blacks, though, was to marginalize men (who were no longer needed as breadwinners), something that destroyed black families and drove up the black crime rate.  (Fathers matter.)

In 1965, when the Great Society began in earnest following the massive electoral landslide reelection of LBJ, the out-of-wedlock birthrate among the black community was 21 percent. By 2017, this figure had risen to a whopping 77 percent. In some cities, this rate is as high as 80 percent, with most of the unwed mothers being teenagers. We have documented extensively in our article on the death of civil society in the United States the negative effects of the single-parent household on child development and outcomes. The black community is now entering its third generation of single parenthood as the norm, something that rose astronomically with the advent of the Great Society.

This societal breakdown led to a hostility to education that has further decimated the black community.  I strongly recommend that you read John McWhorter's Losing the Race: Self-Sabotage in Black America, an eye-opening book about self-destructive impulses in black communities.

Even if blacks are hostile to education, public school teachers are trying to help, right?  Right?!

Oh, so wrong.  It's not just that teachers, like the rest of the left, are using the Wuhan virus as an excuse to refrain from doing their jobs and to undercut the system.  It's also that, in black communities, they are aggressively failing to teach the children in their care, opting instead to indoctrinate:

I wanted to weep when I watched that video.  Those teachers wearing their Black Lives Matter t-shirts don't give a damn about black lives.  They simply care about creating an endless supply of ignorant, compliant black people who will vote for Democrats, no matter what.

Someone really needs to ask blacks in those Democrat-run enclaves, "Are you better now than you were in 1861, on the eve of the Civil War?"

Image: Milwaukee teachers' union members in their BLM shirts.  YouTube screen grab.

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