The Republican Party is committing suicide

If the Republican Party fails to use every possible stratagem to retain the presidency in 2020, it will have signed its death certificate.  The majority of the 73 million people whose votes for Trump were properly counted may well turn away from the Republican Party in disgust.  Why bother to vote if the Republican Party is too feckless and incompetent to mount a successful challenge to a stolen election? When they're accused of fecklessness, establishment Republicans, in their defense, will point to gains in the House and, if we're lucky, to their holding the Senate gain.  However, much of this gain isn't due to the Republican brand but, instead, to Trump's coattails. At the "Republican brand" level, we have the self-styled "Lincoln Project" Republicans who aggressively tried to intimidate Trump's lawyers before they got shamed and deleted their tweet: This is the kind of thing that gets people...(Read Full Post)
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