The new gun-owner electoral surprise

The 2020 election is technically over, even though the results remain up in the air.  A real resolution is probably a month away, at the time when the Electoral College casts its votes.  However, it's not too early to learn some important lessons — not the least of these lessons is what it takes to transform a first-time gun-owner into a first-time gun voter.  Many pundits — me included — projected that the huge flood tide of first-time gun-owners would lead to millions of men and women who would be voting in support of the Second Amendment — not just as one more factor, but placing gun rights among their prime factors when it comes to determining whom to support with their ballots.  We were wrong, and it's important to understand why, because there's always a "next" election, less than four years from now. A couple of months ago, on the third of September, I wrote an article for American...(Read Full Post)
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