The left teaches us civility (/s)

To the surprise of precisely no one, liberals around the country are already enthusiastically parroting and celebrating the "unofficial official" announcement of so-called president-elect Biden.  In true self-delusional and sycophantic style, Democrat voters and media alike (I know, I repeat myself) are broadcasting and taking to social media to fawn over the new president and vice president as though they were literally sent down by God himself to grace us with their holy presence.

To hear the news or read the posts, one would believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be ushering in a New Age of peace and civility, and all that ails the country will begin to heal as the soothing balm of liberalism begins to work its magic.  Ironically, they seem to forget that the two of them were at each other's throats not too long ago.  Awkward!

A Democrat close friend of mine (though oddly not as close since he learned of my support of President Trump a few years back) recently posted comments about "beginning to heal the nation" and "All of Us Together," to which I simply breathed a heavy sigh.  Believing themselves to be the winners, despite the actual decision not yet being final, they are now climbing to the tip-top of the Moral High Ground to show how understanding and graceful they are, once again elevating the political discourse of the country to new heights of class and civility. 

They seem to be conveniently forgetting the last four and a half years of their collective temper tantrum, wherein on an hourly basis they said about President Trump and anyone who dared support him the most vile and disgusting things imaginable.  They called him racist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe.  He was a Nazi, even Hitler himself.  He was an a-hole, a sexual assaulter, a white supremacist.  Prominent Democrat politicians called on Congress to "Impeach the MF-er," and the Hollywood elite talked giddily about blowing up the White House and featured Trump lookalikes in fantasy assassination scenarios in their music videos.  The severed head of POTUS was held up by a D-list washed up celebrity as an "artistic expression."

Day after day, the airwaves were full of bile and hate spewed by people who simultaneously trumpeted themselves as tolerant and accepting, claiming they were "resisting" the alleged but never evidenced hatred coming from President Trump.  So if you're keeping track at home, the plan was to fight hate with even more hate!  It's the same approach that the left takes to fighting racism: Burn Loot Murder activists and Antifa toddlers all over the country have shown us the wisdom of this approach for the last eight months.

I'm curious to see how quickly they all return to their vitriolic ways as more and more fraudulent Biden votes are disqualified as investigators continue to peel away the layers of the corrupt onion.  Right now there isn't much, if any, coverage about the dozens of credible reports of fraud and malfeasance by Democrats in several key states.  Even Fox News is not saying much about it, but in the coming weeks, more evidence will come to light, and the media will have no choice but to cover it.  Once again, the left underestimated the president's willingness to fight for himself and the country, and I think it's going to bite these people in the butt yet again.

No, when the Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Michigan and Wisconsin dominos start to fall back to Team Trump, the wafer-thin and newly purchased veil of civility will drop faster than you can say "Electoral College."  We will see the true nature of his political opponents re-emerge in record time and with renewed intensity.  I hope we all have an opportunity to remind them of their all too brief flirtation with their kinder, gentler selves.  I'm pretty sure we'll enjoy it thoroughly.

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