The election outcome: Watch this space

This post might be a first for American Thinker: we do not have a full slate of articles or posts today.  On Tuesday, we did not receive a single submission as everyone waited to see what the election outcome would be.  I'm writing this post at midnight, and the election is still too close to call.  When you read this, you might know who's won; I certainly don't know now.  I can, however, offer a few observations: 1. I'm surprised and saddened by the number of Americans who voted for socialism.  This is what happens when conservatives allow leftists to take over all of America's core institutions: education, the media, and the entertainment world. For fifty years, these institutions have been telling three generations of Americans that their country is evil and greedy and that the only way to repent for their sins is to vote for socialism.  None of these lessons included teaching Americans that...(Read Full Post)
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