Speaking of 'patience'...

Is it exhausting?  Yes!  Frustrating?  Yes!  And lots more.  Many worked hard on both sides to win this election, and their reasoning covers the entire spectrum of morality.  Some are glad it's over, while others insist it isn't over, and still others worry about the ramifications of having 70 million voters feeling disenfranchised when the fat lady finally sings. 

What is disturbing now is how some have just moved on, accepted incomplete results, and granted media organizations, those bastions of truth and objectivity, the power to declare winners and losers while serious questions remain unanswered.  The stock price of investigative reporting should be skyrocketing right now, but what do they say?  "We haven't seen the evidence."  The MSM have abdicated their role and are leaving it up to the cheated to prove it so.  Those who were illegally refused access in order to observe must prove that wrongdoing took place during the time they weren't allowed to observe.  No wonder they've called the race!  How about a little help here?

Many have documented the anomalies, the eyewitness accounts, and the inconsistencies already evident in this election, and no one doubts that the other side would be just as unaccepting of these results were the positions reversed.  Both sides cautioned patience and said to let the votes be counted, and then, when a few media outlets called the race, all caution was thrown aside.  "Let's start the victory celebrations!"

Many Republicans have softened their rhetoric toward working with the new administration, seemingly accepting defeat, while others openly encourage a concession speech.  But fighters, like President Trump, remain standing and vocal enough to weaken the vacuum of media pressure trying to suck the last breath out of the current administration.  History may have proven that election protests are seldom result-changing, and the prevailing talking point may be that there is little evidence of widespread voter fraud.  Until four years ago, history had never had a Donald Trump elected president of the United States, either.  History has also never had a candidate for the presidency highlight massive voter fraud potential as Donald Trump has and had such a spotlight put on it. 

Why has one party never supported voter ID laws, yet it requires picture ID to enter their partisan event venues?  It's not at all different from the reason for all the mail-in ballots being the danger of everyone congregating at polling places in a COVID-19 world; on Election Night, the CDC itself issued a statement that it was safe, even if exposed to COVID-19, to go out and vote.  The reason is to manipulate voters, to incite an emotional response that overrides common sense and makes people believe things that are not true, and thereby support the party talking points of the moment, and help achieve a short-term goal.

That's what is happening now.  One side wants people to believe that Donald Trump lost this election fair and square, so there is no need to look into voter fraud allegations or whistleblower statements that could make him win.  Don't believe it; it's just not true.  We don't know who won yet because the investigation is not complete, and the legal votes have not been fully separated from the illegal and fraudulent votes, or completely counted.  We need this to play out.  America needs to know who won, and feel confident the process to determine the winner was honest, transparent, and fair to both sides.  Resist the media pressure.  Wait until the courts have ruled.

And MSM, for the sake of the future of our nation, get on board, legitimately seek the truth, and report it honestly and fairly.  Do your jobs!

Donald N. Finley is a retired U.S. Air Force colonel.

Image credit: Pixabay public domain.

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