So far, no evidence that the recent election was honest

On October 24, eleven days before the election, the Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden stated that “we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics ….”

Democrats have claimed that Biden's statement, taken in context, does not mean what it says.  Here is the statement in its full context:

But one of the things that I think is most important is those who haven't voted yet, first of all go to to make a plan exactly how you're going to vote, where you're going to vote, when you're going to vote. Because it can get complicated, because the Republicans are doing everything they can to make it harder for people to vote -- particularly people of color -- to vote. So go to

Secondly, we're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration -- President Obama's administration before this -- we have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics. What the president is trying to do is discourage people from voting by implying that their vote won't be counted, it can't be counted, we're going to challenge it and all these things. If enough people vote, it's going to overwhelm the system.

You see what's happening now, you guys know it as well as I do, you see the long, long lines and early voting. You see the millions of people who have already cast a ballot. And so, don't be intimidated. If in fact you have any, any problem go to -- and I don't have the number but it's 833-DEM-VOTE... Call that number. We have over a thousand lawyers, over a thousand of them, they'll answer the phone, if you think there's any challenge to your voting. Go to 833-DEM-VOTE, dial those letters on your phone. That will get you the assistance that we have already put in place.

The incongruity in the Democrats' claim that Biden meant to refer to an anti-fraud effort is that voter suppression is not voter fraud.  Voter fraud is voting more than once, voting unlawfully, submitting fraudulent paper ballots, and other methods of casting fraudulent ballots.  One does not counter alleged voter suppression by stopping voter fraud.  In fact, according to the Democrats, attempting to stop voter fraud is voter suppression.  So, Democrats would never try to stop voter suppression by making a major effort to fight voter fraud.

In its fuller context Biden's entire statement could more easily be construed as a solicitation for “the millions of people who have already cast a ballot” to vote a second time.  He is telling Democrat voters that the Democrats are counting on vote fraud (“If enough people vote, it's going to overwhelm the system”) and that the Democrats have put together a massive effort to foster voter fraud, including legal muscle to protect fraudsters from prosecution – especially in jurisdictions where Democrats control the machinery of public “justice.”

For the sake of argument, however, let us assume that the statement is ambiguous.  Such an ambiguity cannot stand if the election is to be generally perceived as honest.  In light of this statement by their standard bearer – who is well known to on occasion blurt out an embarrassing truth – it is incumbent on the Democrat party, if it wants this election to be seen as an honest election, to prove that it was so.  It will not be easy.  Pointing to certification of election results just implicates election officials in the fraud effort; it was after all, “the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”

Possibly an international investigative commission made up of persons of demonstrated integrity and having full subpoena powers could credibly determine whether this election was honest.  It would take time.  But one thing is certain:  The Democrats and their media shills crying “No evidence!  No evidence!” can never demonstrate that the election was honest.  Considering what evidence has been produced so far, the only rational conclusion is that the Democrats have tried mightily to steal the election.

Graphic credit: Nick Youngson   CC SA BY 3.0 license

William Marbury is the pen-name of a lawyer who works in the arts.

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