Prominent physician advises Biden to prioritize people of color for COVID-19 vaccine

The perception that Joe Biden will soon be overseeing the country’s response to COVID-19 has unleashed a number of control freaks and social justice warriors in the medical establishment to show their true colors. Another example popped up on CNN yesterday when host Brooke Baldwin conducted a live Webex video interview with Ali S. Khan, MD during her afternoon program CNN Newsroom. Dr. Khan is the dean of the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. For 23 years before taking that position in 2014, he was a big shot at the Centers for Disease Control.

According to Khan, the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States is “self inflicted.” This comment was apparently a slap at the Trump administration’s response to the Wuhan Virus although Baldwin did not ask Khan to elaborate.

Dr. Ali Khan and Brooke Baldwin CNN Newsroom Nov. 24, 2020 screenshot

In response to a question about how the Biden transition being “green-lit” will influence the country’s COVID-19 response, Khan said “I think it allows for the better coordination between the existing team and the transition team in terms of what sort of strategy that they will push out with the coming administration.” He continued:

However, based on your excellent reporting, you know we can't wait for the transition. That’s potentially 50,000 to 60,000 deaths, so people who will never make it to the transition. So it’s time now for the current government either step up with science or step out of the way and let CDC do what it does best, which is remind us that this is a self-inflicted tragedy. [emphasis added.]

There’s over a billion-and-a-half people worldwide who are celebrating no cases and no deaths every day.

After fawning over her guest, Baldwin asked Khan “if you are on this Biden team, what are the first items on the COVID to-do list?” Khan:

The first items on the COVID to-do list is integrated local, state, national leadership and messaging. So, work with the governors, get a strategy, everybody have the exact same strategy, a strategy that's around containment, and how do we layer different public health measures, including eventually vaccine, to get us down to little to no cases, like, as I said, a billion-and-a-half people are enjoying now.

How do we make use of the tools we have available to us? So why do we not have enough contact tracers in America? Why does everybody not have a contact app in America? We have lots of money for other things. Why is there not money for isolation and quarantine pay for people who are asking to stay in isolation and quarantine? [emphasis added.]

Khan’s most startling comments came next.

BALDWIN: In terms of a vaccine, Dr. Khan, we know that the CDC is trying to figure out who gets the vaccine first. Some have said the elderly and front-line workers should be first. Others are arguing it should be the younger people and teachers. What do you think?

KHAN: So, I think the approach that is being adopted by CDC and the Advisory Committee on Immunization and also the National Academies is spot on, which is social justice first. [emphasis added.]

So, we know this disease disproportionately sickens hospitalized and kills people who are black, indigenous and people of color. So all of these recommendations really bring that up to the front in terms of ethical principles, and then they do it based on risk. . . So those would be the categories to focus on first to save the most lives.

When I tweeted the video of this segment, among the comments were these two:

The older people are last in line. They’re expendable to these people.

Wow. Just wow. They’re not even hiding their extinction plans – black/indigenous/people of color first. Hitler would be proud.

One of my regular Twitter followers summed it up:

Lord help us!

A video of most of Khan’s interview can be watched at this tweet at my Twitter account.


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