Schadenfreude overload

The video you are about to watch will be the most satisfying minute and twenty seconds that you will spend today, at least as far as politics go.  It is labeled "instant karma," and that is the perfect title.  I am very tempted to label the man who grabs the Trump banner, speeds off, and immediately crashes into a light pole an insulting body part, but his self-righteous suppression of the "visual speech" of Trump-supporters makes that obvious.

The best part is the immediate appearance of a police cruiser, and the officer being informed that it is all recorded.  This may be ten days old, but it will never get old for me.

I recommend viewing this with whatever beverage gives you comfort appropriate to the time of day.  Just don't have your mouth full when you hit "play."

Twitter video screen grab.

Ouch!  That's going to cost a lot to repair.  Since it ocurred in pursuit of a crime, I wonder if insurance will cover it.  And what will happen to his insurance rates?

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