NPC: Joe Biden, the non-player character candidate

As with 2016, the 2020 election year is giving us the unprecedented — in this case, our first non-player character candidate.  If this reference escapes you, know that an NPC is technically a gaming character that's controlled by the computer and responds according to programming (e.g., "C'mon, man!").  As a meme, it refers to a person with no mind or real thoughts of his own. Enter Joe Biden. That is, if you'll even notice.  Many conservatives wonder how China Joe could have any chance in the election at all.  President Trump's campaign rallies are enthusiasm-marked events involving often tens of thousands of cheering, engaged patriots who'd follow their man to the ends of the Earth. Biden's are subdued, tepid affairs in which a small group of (presumably) sentient bipeds sit in designated circles as if it's some kind of bizarre UFO cult (this would explain the alien beliefs and alleged...(Read Full Post)
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