Mathematical impossibilities may be what trips up Democrat plans

All over the country, Trump’s lawyers are gathering evidence showing that Democrats deliberately interfered with the election outcome. These facts are needed, but one can make a good case that the most powerful evidence of all is mathematical data showing that this election outcome could not possibly have happened. One would think that the Democrats – who “believe in Science” – would be all over this stuff. The first anomaly is Joe Biden’s missing coattails and Trump’s missing coat. Trump’s 70 million voters are people who have a specific vision of America. They see it as a nation with a constitutionally limited government, a color-blind melting pot of people all holding fealty to America, and a place for an honestly run free market. They want low taxes, no unnecessary foreign wars, a secure border, energy independence, and high support for Israel combined with low support for the U.N., to name a few things. These are not people...(Read Full Post)
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