Laughing last, laughing best

The subject of vote fraud is in the air throughout the land.  Democrats deny it as conservatives proclaim it.  All the fair media are on it with American Thinker's Jay Valentine setting the pace (most notably here, with 951 reader comments).  Jay's items have gone viral and have been viewed over a million times (hat tip: J.R. Dunn).

For all their practice at it, leftists are neither good liars nor good cheaters.  Nick Chase showed how the brazen left unwittingly put its computerized methods on our TV screens for all to see, just sure that nobody in the Trump camp had a clue about Javascript.  Only Democrats are smart enough to master code, you see.

Similarly, they apparently thought we'd never notice a switch of 20k votes or morning-after deliveries of ballots or boarding up of windows so observers couldn't monitor ballot-counting.  One could only cackle when Nick Chase reminded us of those words: "the stupidity of the American voter."

Stupidity, indeed.  Arrogant, arrant stupidity drives Democrats to make elementary errors that give them away.

I'm no pollster, but I do follow events and draw conclusions from them.  The huge Trump rallies and the pathetic Biden showings portended, to me, a 70-30 avalanche.  Now I'm thinking it was more like 75-25 or even higher.  The Idiot Left believed its own BS.  At no point was this election ever even close.  To have thought otherwise was self-delusion of the Pauline Kael variety.

We may never get to the bottom of all the Dem cheating.  I've long suspected that many blue states were really red states that got stolen.  It has seemed to me that anywhere the races of the last 40 years were close, Dem fraud has put their people in office.  Whatever GOP cheating may have occurred is undetectable alongside that of their opponents.

Donald Trump is shaping up to be the most consequential president since Roosevelt.  Where FDR took the country far down the socialist road, Trump's triumphs have been in the direction of rolling back American socialism to more acceptable levels.  That's acceptable in the sense of helping the paralyzed, say, or the mentally incompetent, as opposed to the noxious socialism that encourages sloth and dependency.

Democrat arrogance is proving to be their undoing.  As did their true mentor — that German dude back in the thirties and forties — they grotesquely, almost comically underestimated their opponents, seeing us as an inferior species.  So who's inferior now?  Who should be looking down whose nose at whom?  Is that the updated "Who, Whom" question?

It isn't over yet, but we can see where this mess is headed.  We will be the ones laughing last and, most assuredly, laughing best.

Image: GoToVan.

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