Lack of transparency: The best proof of election fraud

Contrary to claims of irregularities and abnormalities in the ballot-counting process and the possibility of fraud, all media outlets, including Fox News, have repeatedly claimed that the Trump campaign has not yet provided any evidence for any corruption and fraud.  This is how they are broadcasting propaganda for the Biden campaign.  They do not realize that the secrecy and lack of transparency per se implies corruption and fraud, because if there is nothing to hide, why do they block the way for the election observers?  They set the distance from the counting tables to such an extent — 25 feet — that it was impossible to make any observation.  They expelled observers from the convention centers.  They do not accept any complaint about it. 

Five issues were important from the beginning of sending tens of millions of ballots — with the baseless justification of the Wuhan virus — to those who wanted to maintain the integrity of the electoral process.  They wanted five evaluations:

1) if the ballot paper was completely filled and signed

2) if it was properly placed in the envelope inside another envelope

3) if, according to the laws, it was necessary for a witness to sign the ballot, this signature was done

4) if it was sent by the day of the election, and

5) the sender is registered

Also, the whole process of collecting ballots from the post offices; delivering the votes; and opening, sorting, and feeding them to the machines should have been done publicly and transparently so that the tendencies and prejudices in the polling stations, ballot-harvesting, and reading and counting the legal votes could not have any impact.  These things cannot be assured without the presence of observers in the areas of collecting and counting votes.  This is especially important in areas with a history of fraud such as Philadelphia and Detroit.

In the internet era, vote-counting was expected to be done with the presence of cameras and live streaming from internet channels, which did not happen.  Counting votes without public confidence impugns the legitimacy of the process.

Statements such as "all votes should be counted" by the election administrators, who are mostly Democrats and have made anti-Trump statements (such as the top election official of Pennsylvania) or announcing the result in Biden's name (such as the attorney general of Pennsylvania, Joshua David Shapiro), cannot be reassuring.  A lack of any of the mentioned five steps to check the filling out and submitting and then monitoring of the delivery of ballots invalidates the ballots.  Those who control this process must show that their work is transparent and credible, not the voters and the general public.  If they fail, they prove that the whole process is fraudulent.

People like the author of this article, who immigrated to the United States from authoritarian countries with electoral engineering (like Iran), are quite familiar with the evidence and results of fraud and fraud routes: more votes than the voting population in a region, 100 percent of the vote for one candidate in some ballot boxes, part of the ballots thrown into the river and trash cans, part of the ballots not read, Election Day stamps cast on ballots after the election, and the like.  In an election in which one side considers the other side (i.e., Trump) Hitler and fascist and the voters for him are called deplorable and despicable, it is understandable that this side wants to prevent its perceived enemy to be elected at any cost and by any means.  For this purpose, it is expedient and moral to cheat.

The left in the United States believes in the political foundations of socialism and leftism that relies on canceling the other side and explicitly states and acts on it (cancel culture), just like the left in Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea.  By resorting to moral relativism and postmodernism ("there is no truth"), this faction is mentally and theoretically fully prepared to commit fraud.  Disrupting the normal voting process merely paved the way.  Democrats have made the most of the coronavirus to foster widespread fraud in areas under their control based on the popular saying that "you never let a serious crisis go to waste."

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