Joe Biden's Walter Mitty world of 'president-elect'

What’s wrong with this picture? 


Despite how it's framed, it's simply not true.  And that should scare everyone — not the idea of Biden as such, although that's bad enough, but the fact that your reality can be framed and manipulated despite the facts on the ground.

Joe Biden is not president-elect.  Not yet, anyway.

What we're seeing play out on the world stage right now with Joe Biden and his media enablers is the ultimate expression and manifestation of identity politics.

Just as some men identify as women or white people identify as black and compel you, despite the facts and your lyin' eyes, to see them, treat them, and greet them that way, Joe Biden identifies as president-elect, and the media expect you to fall in line and follow their lead.

The media say it's so, therefore it is so.

Slight problem.  He's not president-elect, and he won't be until he is certified as such and voted upon, on Dec. 14.

In their rush to convince everyone and warp reality, the media may call it that way, and he might act, speak, dress in the dark blue suit and crisp white shirt and present that way, with all the associated trappings and backdrop signifying the solemnity of high office.  The tight camera angles may frame him that way, with all the uplifting and inspiring scripted rhetoric about national healing, but it is just so much theater designed to bend our reality.

In every respect, it is a production.  A production worthy of Leni Riefenstahl, the producer of Hitler's propaganda films.  It's as fraudulent or as counterfeit as an 18th-century Potemkin village.  It's Hollywood.  It's Netflix.  It's House of Cards.  It's make-believe.  It's a 1950s sideshow alley, hall of mirrors.  A world of the concave and convex, where perception and reality are bent, twisted, and distorted.

What we're watching, what is being played out is pure theater.  A production, with Joe Biden simply playing the lead role.  It is more Walter Mitty than Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

It's almost like something from Earl Nightingale or Napoleon Hill and his book, Think and Grow Rich.  In this case, think you're the president-elect, and it will become so.

And it may well.  But at this stage, at least, none of it is real.

It's all part of, and just another set piece from that same, very real psy ops program developed by the Transition Integrity Project and being run by the Democrats, RINOs, and disaffected NeverTrumps, which has been months in the planning and written and spoken about extensively here and here.

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter via public domain source, and image by Bangdoll via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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