It's the part about giving thanks that matters most

It's Thanksgiving and time for "the wokies" to bring up white supremacy along with more about "the stolen land" theories.  It's also time to read a good article about what happened in Massachusetts many years ago.  I found this one by Tristan Justice really good and would recommend it a lot: All we know about the first Thanksgiving extends to a man named Edward Winslow, an eyewitness who devoted a single paragraph to the event describing Massasoit showing up with 90 men who went out and killed five deer to cook with what the English were preparing. The two groups then feasted for three days. In short, the Pilgrims took a moment to celebrate abundance after nearly a year of pandemic grief following the death of half their settlement alongside their native neighbors who had also suffered recent harrowing losses. Sound familiar? Yes, it sounds familiar.  Our family didn't suffer like the Pilgrims...(Read Full Post)
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