Is tracking people with microchips part of the Great Reset agenda?

Victoria Alonsoperez invented "Chipsafer," a patented software platform for tracking cattle by means of computer analysis.  She accomplished this while only in her twenties, and the precocious Uruguayan's current list of honors and awards is nothing short of exceptional.  Unfortunately, many people today mistakenly conflate talent with wisdom.

Ms. Alonsoperez appears briefly in a creepy video, along with a rogue's gallery of Marxists, globalists, and technocrats gushing over their plans to exploit the pandemic in order to "reset" the world's economic and political institutions.  Klaus Schwab appears at the start of this video of Great Reset "highlights."  He is the founder of the World Economic Forum and main organizer of this neo-feudalist power-grab.

In his past writings, Schwab envisioned an increasingly "polarized" world where the "winners" embraced change by means of genetic engineering and robotic enhancements.  Those failing to get with the program would be relegated to the status of "chimpanzees" in Schwab's dystopia.

Though to my knowledge organizers of the Great Reset have not published any plans to apply Chipsafer technology to people, thousands of Swedes have already had chips implanted into their hands to pay for items and to unlock doors with a mere wave of a hand.  Users of this technology love the convenience, but others are expressing concerns over entrusting implanted information to entities tracking our movements.

The Great Reset website has a flashy one-minute promotional video presenting its progenitors' agenda as a bright future that liberates alienated Millennials from the wasteful materialism that is presumably destroying the planet.  A link at the bottom of the website connects this website with "Purpose Disruptors," a self-proclaimed "bottom up" movement of young people working for change.

I cannot say whether or not Alonsoperez shares Schwab's despotic sentiments, but thirty years ago, I might have been persuaded by the cool visuals and fresh talking points on the Great Reset website.  Since Alonsoperez is only in her early thirties, it is possible that she does not yet fully grasp the significance of what she is doing.  Then again, she might be nothing more than a gifted version of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In a little known scene from the 1951 technicolor classic Quo Vadis, Aulus Plautius repeatedly reminds Marcus Vinicius that he is "only a man."  The setting is a victory parade celebrating Vinicius's success at the western frontiers of the Roman empire.  As a former general and convert to Christianity, Pautius understood firsthand the moral hazards of imperial hubris.

God-centeredness is mandated in the First Commandment because übermenshen are less inclined to follow all other commandments.  Today, a growing number of Americans are putting their faith in experts lacking in such moral restraint.  This trend could usher in a brave new world of self-proclaimed masters of the universe managing our destiny like cattle on the range.  Until Victoria Alonsoperez finds the moral courage to dissociate herself from the Great Reset, calling out her guilt by association is fair game.

Antonio Chaves teaches biology at a local community college.  His interest in economic and social issues stems from his experience teaching environmental science.  His older articles with graphs and images are available here.

Image: James Wisniewski.

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