Is tracking people with microchips part of the Great Reset agenda?

Victoria Alonsoperez invented "Chipsafer," a patented software platform for tracking cattle by means of computer analysis.  She accomplished this while only in her twenties, and the precocious Uruguayan's current list of honors and awards is nothing short of exceptional.  Unfortunately, many people today mistakenly conflate talent with wisdom. Ms. Alonsoperez appears briefly in a creepy video, along with a rogue's gallery of Marxists, globalists, and technocrats gushing over their plans to exploit the pandemic in order to "reset" the world's economic and political institutions.  Klaus Schwab appears at the start of this video of Great Reset "highlights."  He is the founder of the World Economic Forum and main organizer of this neo-feudalist power-grab. In his past writings, Schwab envisioned an increasingly "polarized" world where the...(Read Full Post)
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