In today's election, yours is a choice between freedom and globalism

I know something about both freedom and globalism.  What I know is that you cannot have both, which is why I immigrated to America, the world's last stronghold of freedom. 

In the way of background, I grew up in a prominent Muslim family in Egypt and became an imam at an early age.  Like Christianity, Islam is a global religion.  Unlike Christianity, Islam imposes an imperial global vision on true believers and denies them freedom of thought and movement.

Progressive globalism does much the same.  Although Islam and progressivism would seem to have nothing in common, they do share one overriding goal: the need to crush traditional American Christianity, the one obstacle to world dominance in either case.  At some point, Islam and progressivism will part ways, but for now, they are content to "coexist."

Progressive leaders turn a blind eye to the slaughter of Christians at a church in France or the shooting of a priest in another church or the beheading of a French teacher for daring to show a picture of Mohammed, the prophet of Islam.  In countries like France, leftists have been responsible for as much church vandalism as Muslims, maybe more.  For now, the left and Islam are allies.  The result of the failed immigration policies and the rabid push of atheism by most European governments has made their combined mayhem possible.

The mayhem has been papered over with lies, which is why Joe Biden makes such a perfect front man for the global elites.  Biden has lied about almost everything in his life.  Where to begin?

Biden lied about his undergraduate degree and his majors, lied about his rank in law school, lied about scholarships and educational aid he had received, lied about his stance toward the Vietnam war while in college, lied about his plagiarism of other politician's writings and speeches, lied about the circumstances around his first wife's fatal accident, lied about how he met his second and current wife, and lied about the affair they were having when they were both married.

Joe Biden is the embodiment of the dark side of American politics.

When the Vietnam war ended, and our troops needed funding to evacuate gracefully, Joe Biden stood in the way.  His obstruction led to Saigon's fall and the disgraceful flight of American troops and personnel off the American embassy's rooftop in Vietnam.

When President Ford pleaded with Congress to help the Vietnamese refugees, the ones who were aiding Americans during the war, Joe Biden stood in the way.  Even though many of these refugees were orphan children, Joe Biden called them criminals and prostitutes on the Senate floor.

Most recently and dramatically, Biden lied about his knowledge of his son's shady dealings, lied about his own involvement in corruption and bribery, and lied about his current presidential agenda and what he wants to implement in regards to energy, fracking, court-packing, health care, education, and COVID among other issues.

Biden has lied about so much that I am not sure if he ever told the truth or is now even capable of doing so.  Thanks to Big Tech's and Big Media's suppression of his record, he can present himself as a man of character and high morals.  We must feel sorry for the multitude of gullible Americans who believe him.

Do not be a fool and believe for a second that the elites hate Trump because of his tweets or because he is allegedly a sexist, a rapist, a racist, or a foreign agent.  Nor do they hate him because of the pandemic death toll.

In reality, the elites hate Trump because of "YOU," because you elected a man they did not nominate and could not control.  I have never seen global anticipation for an American election like this one.  The world is watching.  The progressive and Islamic elites are pulling for Biden, but lovers of freedom all over the world are quietly cheering for Trump.  If you have yet to vote, be sure to vote today and give them something to cheer about.

Image: Biden the globalist by Andrea Widburg.

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