Democrats have outsmarted themselves on mail-in voting and on election eve are having a Wile E. Coyote moment

A sickening feeling is spreading among some of the smarter Democrats that they have royally screwed up their election strategy.  The plan that seemed so smart, once they realized that COVID was a golden opportunity to distract from President Trump's massive foreign policy and economic triumphs, is backfiring.

The plan, in short, was to terrorize Americans with fear porn over the purported dangers of COVID (despite it being 99%+ survivable for all but those over 70, and despite huge progress in therapeutics driving the survival rate even higher), while emphasizing mail-in voting for their base.  Republicans, they thought, could be discouraged from in-person voting on Election Day, and with compliant state governors, A.G.s, and secretaries of state extending deadlines for mail-in votes, the margin of victory could be manufactured in the days afterward.

In a series of tweets, Larry Schweikart laid out the plan and why it is collapsing: (ellipses and tweet numbers omitted)

Several things began to severely damage that plan. First, the GOP won 11/14 court cases, with the remaining 3 likely headed to the USSC. Most of these drastically limited the time and/or conditions under which these votes can be counted and for how long.

Then the anvil fell. RBG died. That meant that there would be NO appeals related to fraud that could succeed.

At around the same time, President Trump got the China Virus, overcame it, & showed that we do not have to walk in constant terror.

This meant that the Ds would be heavily voted out by election day, but also that whoever was still available would have to vote under a cloud of terror

This strategy also dramatically damaged their ability to use fraud, because


Rs (and the world) could tell how many ballots were outstanding. It made it harder to keep from "calling" a state" early.

It also worked against the election day chaos in which DemoKKKrats could "find" votes. With a more orderly (and much smaller) flow of people at a given time, it made it harder for one or two ballot-counters "on the take[' to work their magic.

But now the pollsters were also stuck with the failed initial strategy showing Biteme up by a million. They had no legitimate way of bringing polls into even remotely normal ranges.

And, like 2016, the pollsters & DemoKKKrats gave their hapless followers false hope. Like 2016, this will boil over in new waves of anger when Trump wins. And he will win. Bigly.

Now, as we prepare for the real Election Day, Democrats who haven't mailed in their ballots are still terrified of dying from COVID and won't vote, while Republicans, who are far more skeptical of the fear porn, will show up to vote, taking advantage of the good weather forecast for most of the country.

Hat tip:  Dr. Brian C. Joondeph for an enlightening chat and the Wile E. Coyote imagery.

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