How would a President Biden handle the Trump treatment?

If, God forbid, Joe Biden actually becomes president, it almost certainly will be a contested election.  Should this come to pass, the Trump administration should roll out the welcome mat — the same one the Dems used for Trump.

Trump should immediately appoint a special prosecutor to look into the Biden family's obvious and sleazy business dealings with China, Russia, and Ukraine.  It's Russia Hoax II.

But this is not just a political tit-for-tat, because the accusations are real.

The Trump-Russia hoax was based on a bogus dossier paid for by the Clinton Campaign.  In Biden's case, there's no need for such sleazy subterfuge; Hunter Biden's actual laptop gives Trump all he needs and much more.  There are wire transfers from Russia and Ukraine and underhanded deals with China's Communist Party.  It's all there for the reading, with more than ripe pickings for a good litigator.

The swamp chose a batch of rabid Trump-haters, so Trump can follow suit: pick a loyal Trump-follower — someone like Sidney Powell would do nicely.  Sidney could corral a number of her closest colleagues and form a team to go after Biden family corruption, and anything else they could find.

The Senate could make any Cabinet appointment contingent on keeping the special prosecutor in place.  Sidney and her colleagues could keep digging and digging until they have enough Biden family members and associates in jail to make a difference.  And then keep going.  The Mueller Team lasted over two years based on literally nothing, so it's likely that a probe based on real corruption could last much longer.

It might not be enough to take Biden down, but it should be plenty sufficient to hogtie him for much of his administration.  And that was always the objective of the Russia hoax, and the Ukraine debacle, etc.  Put up enough barriers to keep the president from being able to perform his duties.

But forget the scorched earth tactics, the early morning SWAT raids, and the made up "process crimes" that characterized the Mueller tactics.  Not because there isn't plenty of corruption to explore in the Biden family.  If anyone deserves the scorched earth treatment, it's Biden and his band of sleazy grifters.

No, those kinds of tactics won't be used because President Trump, Bill Barr, and Sidney Powell are decent people who love their country.  They all know that engaging in the Mueller brand of extra-legal Stasi tactics is literally un-American.

There's enough evidence of real corruption that Sidney and her team can do a straightforward investigation of real money being passed to the Biden family in return for what certainly appears to be illegal influence by foreign powers.

In fact, whether or not Biden actually becomes the president, this investigation should take place.

The American public deserve to know if their president-elect is on the take from China, Ukraine, and Russia.  By all appearances, Joe Biden is indeed on the take.

Appoint a special prosecutor to get to the bottom of it — now.

Image: Marc Nozell via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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