Does Trump's shuffling of the Defense Policy Board mean something?

On Friday, news broke that President Trump had removed several members of the Defense Department's civilian Defense Policy Board.  This follows hard on the heels of his decision to fire defense secretary Mark Esper.  The question is why now?  I've heard some interesting, informal theories suggesting that this has to do with those Scytl machines in Germany. On November 9, President Trump fired Secretary Esper.  In some ways, as Breitbart notes, it was a "long-anticipated move": The relationship between Trump and Esper soured quickly after Esper preempted the president by declaring he did not support using active-duty forces to restore peace during a summer of violent riots. Trump had not called for using troops, but had warned he might if the violence continued. However, Esper's preemptive declaration made it more difficult for the president to use the threat of deployment of troops as a deterrent...(Read Full Post)
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