Democrats: The party of hypocrisy and villainy

At the moment, while Democrat operatives are busy stealing the election that Trump clearly won, the Democrats and the media are howling that the president should concede; admit his loss; and slink away, chastened by one and all.

These are the same people who for four years, day after day, sold the wholly fabricated Russia collusion hoax to the American people.  They did so without a shred of evidence except the stupid dossier Hillary commissioned and for which she paid something like $50K, probably more.  But when valid reports of the Biden family's corruption arose, they buried them, knowing full well that it is all true.

So it is an indisputable fact that they are all massive hypocrites.  The fact that they are hardcore villains as well is what we are all watching unfold before our eyes.  Their vote fraud is not only obvious and shameless, but shoddily done. 

As Trump was leading in all the swing states on Election Night, they simply stopped counting; they "took a pause."  Ha!  What to do?  They began bringing all those unmarked ballots to the ballot-counting centers by the suitcases, coolers, and boxes full of blank ballots, perhaps already marked for Biden.  They did this in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.  Trump was up by 700,000 in Pennsylvania when they took their pause.

By morning, hundreds of thousands of Biden votes had been added to the tally.  All this while Republicans won seats in the House and kept the Senate.  Hmmm.

What's wrong with this picture?  Everything, from top to bottom.  The Democrats have been cheating their way through most elections for many decades.  Once Trump won in 2016, they vowed he would not be re-elected.  What is happening right now has rendered the U.S. a third-world banana republic.  Clinton-supporters never accepted Trump's victory, which was a fair election.  Trump supporters will never accept that Biden won this election fairly, because he did not.

Even given the success of their vote fraud plans thus implemented, the Dems are shocked that they didn't win at least fifteen House seats and get the Senate.  They are gobsmacked.

How can this be? they ask.  Was not the whole nation waiting to repudiate Trump?  Guess they did not watch those rallies or pay attention to Trump's many successes in office.  Those many accomplishments annoyed the Dems; how could this guy achieve so much their guys never could?

But these successes thrilled his supporters, who elected him in hopes he could fulfill half his campaign promises.  He did more than that.  The wall is built.  Illegal immigration is down 92%, so of course unemployment was way down until the wholly unnecessary COVID lockdowns.  Prison reform, opportunity zones, the Platinum Plan, permanent funding for historically black universities.  He instituted many policies that have benefited black and Hispanic Americans, much more than Obama/Biden did, and so his support among those groups was at an all-time high.  Trump garnered more votes among these communities than any Republican in sixty years.

But the media have refused to report all these things.  Americans who get their news from CNN or MSNBC know nothing of these facts.  Nor do they know about the abject criminality of the Biden family; on that there has been a total media blackout.  Those folks do not know that Joe Biden is wholly owned, lock, stock, and barrel, by Communist China; he's their man in America who will do their bidding because they have the goods (none of them good) on Joe and Hunter.

It would be hilarious if it were not so enraging to hear people like Jake Tapper, Anderson Cooper, Joy Reid, and their ideological clones in the media angrily order the president to accept these completely fraudulent results when they, to this day, never accepted Hillary's defeat and never asked for validation of any of the collusion allegations they propagated every day for years.  There wasn't any collusion.  What should be most shocking but isn't is their determination to win at all costs.  They are willing to shred the Constitution, break every election law on the books in every state (those they've not yet been able to change to benefit Democrats), and submit hundreds of thousands of illegal ballots marked by persons other than registered voters or living people.  As Rod Blagojevich noted today, regarding Democrat vote fraud, "Is the pope Catholic?"  Even he is shocked by the level of cheating going on right now. 

The American Democrat party is villainous.  These people have become totalitarians; opposing views are impermissible.  There are no limits to the dishonest subterfuge they will engage in to get their way.

They are vengeful and vindictive, too.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not alone is suggesting that Trump-supporters be punished for their support of the president.  Robert Reich advised the same.  If Biden takes office, we will be living in Orwell's 1984 or a real version of The Lives of Others, the film about life in East Germany before the wall went down.  We should all be thankful that the Dems gained no seats in the House and that the GOP has held the Senate or we would all soon be living under an East German-like regime.

Make no mistake, that is what the Democrat party of today has in mind for us, all of us for whom they have contempt. 

Let us hope that the Trump administration was prepared for this level of voter fraud; the Trump haters have been vowing to make it so for months. Surely Trump has known this was coming. Democrat cities have been boarded up in case Trump won decisively on Nov. 3. The planned riots in the event of a Trump victory were in place in case their vote fraud schemes failed. Trump did win decisively but Biden's thugs, Mark Elias and Bob Bauer (husband of Anita Dunn, Obama's pro-Mao consultant) worked their vote fraud magic.

These are venal, anti-American saboteurs who have been busy orchestrating this election chaos for many months and the Democrat party is on board with all of it. This is who and what the American Democrat party has become – proteges of the Soviet-style population control. They are totalitarians at heart. If Biden is inaugurated, the left will get what they deserve and the rest of us will suffer the consequences of their submission to the tyranny the Biden/Harris team hopes to implement. May the law and the Constitution prevail. 

Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of Pixabay and logo public domain images.

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