Civil unrest: Niche reporting

In the aftermath of the election, the intensity of protests and riots will almost certainly increase.  Mainstream media reported on the George Floyd protests and riots that erupted across the nation in late May through its own lens, and it was difficult to grasp the magnitude of events through written reports.  Viewing the protests and riots firsthand was the only way to remove the media's lens.

Multiple social media and video sharing platforms soon became the primary source for viewing civil unrest sans any sort of filter.  Independent live-streamers popped up, often outfitted in riot gear including flak jackets, helmets, and gas masks.  The independent live-streamers soon found themselves in the thick of riots and violence. 

One such live-streamer, known as CJTV Media LLC (CJ), while streaming the civil unrest in Kenosha, Wis. the evening and morning of August 25/26, found himself in the midst of a gunfight acting as a first responder.  CJ was the live-streamer who applied a tourniquet to would-be anarchist gunman Gaige Grosskreutz's right arm after he was shot by Kyle Rittenhouse.  Those who watched the live streams from Kenosha that dreadful evening understand what unfolded without bias.

Antifa and BLM have taken notice of the raw reporting, with many streams boldly providing evidence of crimes being committed.  Throughout the summer and fall, there was a shift among the boots-on-the-ground live-streamers.  Three types of streamers have surfaced: pro-antifa/BLM, the intimidated, and raw journalists. 

Pro-antifa/BLM streamers dress up as live-streamers only to obscure the camera's view of those committing crimes, attempt to "expose" law enforcement behavior, and at times put down the camera to participate in the civil unrest themselves.  Antifa has a van that often pops up at Portland protests and riots to comb through video feeds, allowing their members to make targeted strikes against live-stream journalists.  Live-streamer Villain Report discusses such an encounter on his Facebook page.  Another example of Antifa's disdain for those reporting their often illegal activities can be illustrated by the defacing and burning of PT News Network's billboard in Portland, as reported by Fox News.         

Live streamers intimidated by Antifa and BLM often turn their cameras to the ground and make certain not to capture faces while streaming the civil unrest.

Raw journalists, such as Villain Report and CJTV, put themselves in the middle of the civil unrest to provide raw feeds for viewers and niche broadcasters such as Portland Andy and PT News Network.

Emerging broadcasters have begun coalescing the live streams into split-screen views or acting as a switchboard for the multitudes of live streams.  These broadcasters have amassed a database of live-streamer feeds to share with their audience.     

PT News Network can be considered one of the leading broadcasters to emerge from the reporting of civil unrest beginning this late spring.  The producer and news anchor, known as Steve, broadcasts live streams from around the country, often into the wee hours of the morning. The broadcasts occur nearly every evening, with Steve commentating on what to look for, the tactics used by rioters, some colorful language at times, and his absolute disdain for violence in the streets of America.  For all intents and purposes, Steve can be considered a de facto expert on modern-day civil unrest.

The mainstream media will almost certainly be saturated by unfolding events post-election.  The possibility of skewed reporting regarding inevitable civil unrest is not only a danger to those living in nearby areas, but a disservice to the American people who seek to be informed. 

Should civil unrest erupt after the election, niche broadcasters may be the most truthful source of reporting for the days, weeks, and months ahead.

Image: Daniel Arauz.

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