Biden supposedly 'won,' but it's Obama who's everywhere

In 2000, everybody in America, whether Democrat or Republican, wondered who had won the election and anxiously awaited the outcome.  In 2020, the Democrats have dredged up an imaginary constitutional clause that allows the Associated Press to declare Biden the winner.  Biden has now arrogated for himself the equally imaginary title of "president-elect."  Despite his new status, though, Biden is still hiding in the basement.  It's Obama, once again, who won't get out of our faces.

Biden's claiming the title of president for himself reminds me of nothing so much as the moment in 1806 when Napoleon, having declared himself Emperor of France, grew impatient with how slowly Pope Pius VII was conducting the ceremony, took the crown from the Pope's hand, and crowned himself.  That act did not end well for Europe, France, or Napoleon.

Jacques-Louis David, "The Coronation of Napoleon in Notre Dame," 1806.

Napoleon, at least, looked magnificent and had before him a brilliant career before his ultimate, drastic downfall.  Biden...not so much:

Biden's incoherent appearance was a rare moment in the limelight.  Despite his claimed presidential status, and the groveling affection the media are showing him, Biden hasn't really moved on from his basement.  He's still hiding there and, apparently, keeping Kamala at his side.  The real face of this imaginary administration looks exactly like the face of the last Democrat administration.  It's all Obama, all the time (and God help us).

Obama is out there touting his 6,393,305-page new book, which is his second (or is it his third?) autobiography.  In it, we're told, Obama reminds everyone how truly wonderful he is and how lucky Americans were to have him as their president, along with all his "peeps," many of whom are appearing again in the putative Biden presidency.  He also nastily attacks anyone who didn't bow before him:

Of course, writing a book means making the rounds:

And then there's Obama's famous "roguish charm," which showed itself on Jimmy Kimmel with his smiling suggestion that a military coup be used to take Trump out of the White House:

We've seen more of Obama in the last week than we saw of Biden during the entire campaign.  That is intentional.

It's a reminder to the American people that Biden is just a fill-in.  This is the Obama administration, Part II.  Lee Smith, in a powerful article entitled "Behind the Scenes, Obama Never Left," points out that Obama, unlike every president before him, continued to pull strings behind the scenes to destroy his successor and reinstate himself in the White House through a puppet:

The coup is evidence of his choice. The senior U.S. officials, Democratic Party operatives, and media personalities who targeted the Trump circle for four years weren't simply defending the privileges of the "Deep State." These are bureaucrats, deputies, and courtiers who wouldn't dare an attempt that bold unless it was OK'd from above.

The purpose of the coup was to block Trump from destroying Obama's legacy until he could find an opening for him to return.


In political circles, it was no secret that Obama had thrown his support behind Kamala Harris. She's ambitious and appealing and, without any strong ideas or opinions of her own, poses no threat to him.


Whether or not Obama is now able to consolidate his legacy, the fact is that he's already carved out his singular place in U.S. history — he's the first president who interfered in the peaceful transfer of power, for four years. And it's on his behalf that a rolling coup has pushed a nation to the edge of the abyss in order to remake it in his image.

Obama believes he's living out the Second Coming of the "Magic Negro," the most transformative president America's ever experienced.  That's a thought that should make every sane, patriotic, law-abiding American nervous.

Indeed, considering the cost of recounts and litigation, you might act upon that nervousness by donating a bit of money to Trump's legal fund.  If every one of Trump's voters donated $1, he would have at least $80,000,000 to fight the good fight.

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