Antifa/BLM vs. Proud Boys

Saturday welcomed a huge crowd of President Trump–supporters in Washington D.C. who peacefully protested evidence pointing to massive voter fraud across our country.  There were many notable speakers at the event.  Notwithstanding, members of the crowd were stalked by the likes of Antifa and BLM activists seeking to intimidate and instigate political violence.  Numerous Trump-supporters, who were detached from the main crowd, soon became prey to the cowardly mob of the left.  Later in the evening, that mob was soon introduced to the inevitable reaction to their unchecked intimidation and political violence. 

As members of the StopTheSteal protest crowd began to disperse, attacks by Antifa and BLM ensued.   Numerous assaults on Trump-supporters were caught on camera by live streamers throughout the afternoon hours on the streets of Washington, D.C. 

It is heart-wrenching to watch the attacks.  A hardened veteran to Antifa violence, Andy Ngo, has several of these videos posted on his Twitter account.  In one such video, a family with several small children is swarmed and harassed by an Antifa/BLM mob.  The family is thoroughly in fear and quickly vacates the area.  One of the children is heard saying, "Just ignore them."  No police were evident.

In another incident, Antifa attacked Trump-supporters dining outside their hotel.  Again, there was no law enforcement presence.  Fireworks popped, and the sound of breaking glass can be heard.

Within hours, several hundred members of the Proud Boys took to the streets of Washington, D.C. to defend the defenseless.  After several altercations, rendering many Antifa/BLM members bloodied, the streets of Washington, D.C. became calm.  The Proud Boys chanted, "Whose streets, our streets"; "f--- Antifa"; and "USA! USA!"  Enrique Tarrio, president and chairman of the Proud Boys, delivered a speech to his fellow members gathered at the base of the Washington Monument.  Tarrio spoke confidently of what they had accomplished and why they did it.  In an excerpt from the beginning of his speech, Tarrio stated, "Let me tell you something: most of the Proud Boys that are here were in bed, showered, most in the middle of dinner, and we found out that they were throwing fireworks into stores with some of my guys in it."  (PT News Network YouTube video beginning at 5:42:43.) 

After departing the Washington Monument, the Proud Boys continued their march through the streets after having asserted their dominance over the Antifa/BML mob.

We are a country of people who have chosen to live in peace, forged by a violent past of revolution and a civil war.  Violence is wicked; very few seek it; an overwhelmingly majority decry and avoid it.  The primary function of government is to protect the citizenry from it, and quell any form of it.  The unchecked rampage of destruction and violence perpetrated by Antifa/BLM mobs over much of the past six months has irrefutably proven governmental disdain for peace in many areas of our country.  Saturday night on the streets of Washington, the vacuum of protection of the people was quickly filled.

Image: JasonStatham, Benutzer:Antiachtundsechziger.

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