An America of snitches and rats?

During Army Basic Training, decades ago, I was one of about a hundred recruits in our class.  One hot summer day, we were called outside, to stand in formation, so that the commanding officer could address us.  It was not a pleasant speech.  Someone had tampered with the commander's locked, glass-encased bulletin board.  This was not discovered until several days later, when a copy of one of the commander's letters, a letter that had been posted on the board, appeared in a national magazine.  The letter had been the subject of published ridicule.  It had warned recruits to stay away from a known house of ill repute.  Since the house was in a remote rural location that had no street address, the only way to identify it was to describe the location, which amounted to a detailed, "how to get there" set of instructions.  (This was long before the internet became available with map...(Read Full Post)
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