Joe Biden tweets out that America is an idea and 'we've never lived up to it'

How's this for the most offensive political ad of the year?

Here it is, kid you not, straight from Joe Biden and his jackass party maw:

Note that this isn't from his enemies, his party, his creepy allies, something that occurred years ago, or some kind of foreign disinfomation.  This is straight from Joe, put out there on Twitter to entice Americans to give him their votes, in his big final push to squeeze the last of them.

This is Joe in front of us, expressing himself in all his glory.

There's a heckuva lot of unpack here in this small space of a tweet, at least three doozies going out like stink bombs to voters.

Start with the first:

So America is "an idea."  As Antifa is "an idea," as the far left and its allies like to say.  Like Antifa, it's a bad thing, yet somehow it doesn't exist.

And the millions and millions of people attempting to come live here are just looking for an idea.  Last we heard, they were looking for a place, one that featured rule of law, money with value, a passport with muscle, a day without a government shakedown, and maybe an actual chance to make something of oneself instead of live life as a worker ant on some "collective" under the grip of some dictator, or be the face in the Orwell's "boot on a human face."  Ideas, in fact, are free.  Back in Phnom Penh, Tegucigalpa, Kinshasa, and Caracas, no need to come here to get one. 

It's a repulsive statement, because America is a physical place, an actual reality, and Biden's claim that it's an "idea" is not at all different from claiming that Antifa is an idea.  It's to claim that the place, despite the evidence, doesn't really exist.  Antifa in fact is a physical group with an organized power structure and an agenda of hate and destruction.  Antifa likes to stay hidden because its members are so disgusting and vile to normal people.  Now, by relegating America to the status of "idea," Biden seems to want America to be hidden, too.

Who the hell is inspired by this kind of claptrap?  We all know that America is a lot more than an empty idea.

And speaking of this airy vaporware so-called idea, Biden gets even worse when he broadcasts: "We've never lived up to it...," making the insulting claim even worse.

Seriously, he thinks we have fallen down on the job of, what, being Americans?  We don't do "American" right?  Because we are awful sinners, woeful deplorables, and really, someone else needs to do the job for us?  We're in need of redemption and salvation from a pervy groping plagiarizing 47-year-do-nothing-but-pocket-line ward-heel him?

Get me the barf bag.

All the rich social capital and atmosphere of trust that Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about, all the Midwestern and Great Plains "niceness" that so fascinates us in the coastal blue cities, all of the nation's tremendous capacity for progress and reform, a stream of it in technology, government, science, medicine, farming, and more, unmatched by any nation on Earth, the American dominance in arts, science, technology, military prowess, agriculture, and freedom...just kinda floated in to the U.S. by accident and had nothing to do with this nation being America?  The huddled masses, high seas boat people, and fence-jumpers on the southern border were all sadly deluded because there's no difference between life in Cuba or Belarus or the DRC and life in the United States? 

It's disgusting.

Presumably, he's trying to guilt-trip the U.S. voters into the Marxist-trained Black Lives Matter perspective that America was fatally flawed from the start and needs to be done away with, the same cookie-cutter perspective of Marxist goons like Castro, Chávez, Stalin, Lenin, the mullahs, and Xi. 

And third, notice his use of the word "we," as in "we've failed to live up to it."

Who is this "we" you speak of, Kemosabe?

He's beating all of America with the racist stick, even though entrenched racism, such as it existed in the pre–Civil Rights years, was his own Democratic Party's invention.  There's a reason Martin Luther King, Jr. remained a lifelong Republican.  He'd now like to socialize the blame and privatize the light and power.

For a machine pol with a racist past of his own, this is pretty rich, blaming the entire country for the deeds of his own party and hoping no one will notice his personal record, either.  Seems his exhortation to black people that if any black person doesn't vote for him, "you ain't black" didn't work for him, so now he's making the whole country a nation of racists.

Had enough? 

The most diabolical of Trump operatives couldn't come up with a negative ad against Biden that approaches one this bad.  No wonder Biden hides in his basement.  The more he speaks, the less there is to like.  You'd think any fool would know that you don't insult the voters you are courting.  But in Biden's case, there's no fool like an old fool.

Image credit: Twitter screen shot.

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